Zombie Sniper : Evil Hunter


Zombie Sniper :

Some interaction items in scenes can give you some helpful tactics. Gasoline tank, electric shock gate, death windmill, they give you critical help to break out from the siege of zombies.

You become one of the survivors when the evil virus spreads throughout this planet. As you face more and more malicious evil, you need to become stronger. You don’t have any kind of Plan B. The only way to save your friends and save yourself is to continue killing zombies.

Zombie sniper: evil hunter is an FPS game that can allow you to kill various types of zombies with different kinds of weapons. If you carry a particular weapon, you can learn different special skills.

If you carry a particular weapon, you can learn various special skills. There are also some top-level weapons that can kill zombies through special effects of damage. You can choose the best weapon, submachine gun, shotgun, sniper, laser gun, grenade launcher to handle particular situations.