Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK 1.6.15

Zombie Gunship Survival

(No Overheating)


My favorite subject always is a zombie. Zombie (undead). It has come to draw millions of players in many popular movies and zombies. The best zombie game in 2011 has been released by Lesbian.

Limbic has published Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK. The game has been running over a million Google Play downloads since then. Now it has been the most valuable game ever, and the players have made a tonne of positive feedback.


There are many zombie games on the market, so we always look forward to a unique and different game, not just a first-person shoot-em-up shooter game. Fortunately, Zombie Gunship Survival is such a game.




You are the last line of defense between zombies and the human world in Zombie Gunship Survival. You have to kill zombies to get to the base of your army before they kill people.

The weapon system of the AC-130 is controlled and the zombie waves under the ground are killed until it enters the protected tunnel where survivors are hidden. Collect money for your own military base from your mates. – time you complete the mission you are given a prize, which will allow you to upgrade weapons, earn incentives for equipment, etc.



Zombie Gunship Survival, like other zombie games, has the most advanced weaponry with about 30 different types of guns, missile, AKM, Sniper rifles, etc…

In the beginning, it has 3 weapons of 25mm auto shot, 40mm automatic fire, and Gatling gun. The bonus received by completing the zombie killing quest can then be used to upgrade your gun.

You can pick the most appropriate weapon depending on the speed and the range.



The game has two kinds of zombies, little zombies, and massive zombies moving quickly. You will reach them at various difficulty levels in different charts.

To kill them, you need a strategy that fits each map’s characteristics. Use and destroy the best tool that you have, protect the earth.

Zombie Gunship Survival provides 3D graphics of high quality, realistic picture quality. The entire game is dark in two modes: Zombie BHOT, white, black, WHOT, a mode is the other way round.

The game colour is the same as when you see it in the night with infrared glasses. You can switch between various modes to build your best experience.