Zombie Age 3 MOD APK 1.7.4

Zombie Age 3

(Unlimited Money/Ammo)


Download the Unlimited Money/Ammo (MOD APK) version of Zombie Age 3. You have a lot of money to buy the best weapons in the game.



Gamers are increasingly getting more acquainted with DIVMOB. They bring games with fascinating content to the market, along with unique gameplay.

One prime example is the Zombie Age sequence. And I will present the new iteration of the story, which is Zombie Age 3, to you in the sense of this post.




Although “born late”, one of the company’s most popular games is Zombie Age 3. Out of more than 400,000 gamers’ reviews, it has been built more than 10 million times and has averaged 4.5 rating points.

Zombie Age 3 has to do with battling the zombies. The plane plunged into the post-apocalypse, and several people became undead because of this. Your city is under siege and ravaged.



Bloodthirsty zombies are able to kill anyone they come across. The barrier to defense seems to have been breached. You realize that you can no longer escape. You have to hunt for such monstrous monsters to kill and destroy.

Shooting and slaughter. In Zombie Age 3, that’s what you do. The game has a system of missions, each consisting of a base populated by hordes of undead. You must get the city back by destroying all the undead.



In the corner of the screen, there are control keys with three corresponding functions: navigation, firing, and melee attack.
You can turn weapons if you have more, by tapping the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Like that, the game begins, you go through several quests and earn rewards.

In the future, such help items will also be unlocked and you can use them to solve increasingly challenging challenges.