YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor v5.43.1 [Premium][SAP] [Latest]


YouCam Perfect - Photo Editor & Selfie Camera App

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor;

The best photo studio for improving all of your pictures! To pixel photo backgrounds, vignette, overlays, HDR and more, edit mosaic pictures.

Snap selfies with new filters in the summer!
New wedding filters allow you to snap pictures of the perfect summer wedding!
New wedding filters perfect summer wedding snaps!

Tools for photo editing and top selfie editor used by celebrities and millions worldwide!Retouch pictures to adjust skin tone, add filters, remove wrinkles easily, add freckles & contours, remove pimples, edit tired eyes, reshape your face, and look thinner in just a few touches. Get the only selfie camera and photo editor you’ll ever have hundreds of collages, frames, stickers and funny scenes are needed.

The best photo studio for enhancing all of your videos!

Real-Time Skin Beautifying Effects in Beauty Camera & Video Selfies

• Real-time beautifying effects and filters make you look perfect in every photograph

— Bring selfies to life with short videos (Android 4.3 above is required)

— Videos and video selfies with cool filters to make your videos better.

Beautify your portrait photos in seconds!

Multi-face detection allows you to touch the face in your group shots. Easily turn each face into a smiling, happy portrait with “Smile:)” feature, perfect for group shots to save a happy moment with smiles on each face.

Edit Photos with Full Editing Toolkit;

· Try effects and one-touch filters, photo crop and rotate, mosaic pixel to blur background, vignette and HDR effect / Blur photos using defocus the background, Gaussian blur, and other blur effect tools

Simple Steps for a Flawless & Luminous Face in Every Picture

• Smoother skin allows dry skin, wrinkles, acne, and fine lines to vanish. Apply blush and strip shine to show a plain face, even without making up or adding snacks.

Face Shaper gives you a perfect face shape without cosmetic surgery — Apply contours to your face to show off your real beauty — Eye Bag Remover decreases darkness in the eye circles and eliminates puffiness

Perfect Your Full-Body Images with Slimmer Waist & Longer Legs — Shrink your waist and look thinner with Body Slim instantly — Add height to your body shots in one touch with the Longer Legs feature — Look taller and better without wearing awkward high heels

Cutout & Object Remover Makes It All About You!;

Cut out the subject of a picture, then give it a fun new backdrop for a special effect, like a green screen for your photos.

• Remove inappropriate background objects or individuals, so your image is all about you!

Stylize & Share Pics with Friends!;

• Place your image into a fun picture, chart, collage or model!

Join the Social Community for All Things Beauty;

Try and explore the best in beauty, fashion and style — Share with Twitter, Instagram and your favorite social networks — See videos on how to apply makeup in real life!