Xenowerk Tactics MOD APK 1.2.9

Xenowerk Tactics



Pixelbite, a Swedish publisher is launching Xenowerk Tactics. You can download it free of charge in this game, but you must pay in the application to access the entire story and characteristics of the game. You can choose “Play for free” to start the game when you download the free edition.

You can download the MOD edition (full version) of TECHIAPKWORLD if you have trouble with the payment process. All the features have been unlocked and can be downloaded from our MOD version via the link below.



Why are research facilities in the Arctic so miserable? From the very beginning, mutants embedded the cold outpost in Xenowerk Tactics.

What a characteristic scenario But this strategy game will place the hero’s destiny in your hands, unlike horror movies or science fiction shows.

As a commander, you supervise everything, from hiring members, overseeing the emergency response team, supplying arms and equipment for the base, to ensure that full medical care is taken.




Tactics from Xenowerk is a strategy game so you won’t have to excessively manage it. As a leader, you must find the best tactic to complete the campaign and keep your soldiers alive.

If you want your entire task force to be reviewed, tap double on one location. Drag the character into the position you want, if you want just a character to shift.



In Xenowerk Tactical missions, weapons, grenades, instruments, and mutants all play their part, whether you’re trying to ensure the security of a zone, to rescue lost allies, or to complete missions in front of other armies.

But this is just part of this game. A group of three will encounter random encounters during their investigations into the jungle, swamps, and secret laboratories, particularly to defeat assailants, but sometimes encounter harmless things such as dislocating the ankle and bad jokes.



Each Xenowerk Tactics soldier has a different competence. Cowen, for example, may put a gun tower at your selected spot. Mulder is a woman fighter, she also throws a grenade to take several enemies down. So it is very important to pick a squad of 3. It has a huge effect on your tactics and your campaign’s survival.

In a large base camp, you are safe. You can control, maintain and upgrade your characters with buildings, including barracks, hospitals, weapons, and spas. If you failed a dangerous mission to the most important member, go to the recruitment center and register some new faces.

After every campaign, the soldiers can’t recover. In a hospital, you must be treated. You can’t use them anymore if they die. You have to upgrade the hospital to accommodate more patients.

You’re offered spa feature by Xenowerk Tactics. If your soldiers use Spa, the experience points will be dramatically increased. When they hit higher levels they can receive a status boost, opening up new abilities.