World Game LifeAfter APK 1.0.18

The English version of The Day After Tomorrow has been officially published by NetEase as LifeAfter, after much success in China. This can be considered as the most highly regarded survival game in 2019 with a zombie background. The game has familiar gameplay and high-quality graphics on par with many of the latest top PC titles. You can download and play the game for free on both.


After the apocalypse, Live


Compared to other zombie games like Last Day On Earth, the context of LifeAfter does not have many variations. A virus that spreads to create a zombie out of humans. The world you know has become foreign due to the destruction of this epidemic. Everywhere, illness, looting, infection, cold, and particularly zombies. You are one of those fortunate people who have survived this tragedy, searching for items that can be used in landfills, trees, and making self-defense weapons for them. Find the survivors and battle along with the zombies.


Create your character

You start the game with three buddies, including two people and a puppy, on the barrel of a truck. Zombies are continually attacking, causing the car to lose control, crash and explode into the abyss. Two friends have died, and only you and your dog have survived.

You will then encounter a man called Aleksey. He will be the one who will lead you through what is needed in this zombie world to survive. You will be included in the character development interface before initiating the scene. Compared to the current survival games, it is quite informative, in my view. For many gamers, a very fascinating aspect is that LifeAfter includes a dog that accompanies players, like Black-back, Doberman, and Labrador, from the beginning.

In the game, they are reliable mates. The player’s role begins with the most simple steps when joining the game. In parallel to that, LifeAfter will direct gamers step by step from crafting, taking materials, and building to live in this universe. Not only can you face bloodthirsty and ferocious creatures, but as night falls, you face the cold as well. The iPad provided by the game will provide you with important data such as temperature, health, time, map, etc.


Face yourself alone with the zombie, live together

You will have to understand that LifeAfter is more based on an offline game, while it is an online game. The game also offers players a co-op mode with friends in exchange. LifeAfter has also built a town called Hope 101, where you can meet all the other players, similar to the MMORPG games hall. There, a little warmth can be found and you can find friends you can speak to throughout the game.

The higher you are, the more you will need to upgrade the house, increasing your money for games like LifeAfter in general. So, it’s very crucial to try hard at LifeAfter. Therefore, if you are a gamer looking for a game that needs exploration, try-hard, concentrate on the plot aspect, this game is a great option.

The zombie/monsters in LifeAfter are very heavy, right on the tutorial screen. So, to overcome the challenges given, you need to be very careful and incredibly experience the game. LifeAfter is currently gradually becoming a game of suggestion for many gamers.


High Graphics Quality

I must admit that, compared to a game for smartphones and tablets, LifeAfter’s graphics are extremely impressive. It’s also equivalent at the moment to the top PC games. Although the game world is full of risks, the landscape is still very beautiful and romantic (except at night). If I’m not busy with zombies, I can turn the place into one of the world’s best campsites.

LifeAfter APK for Android Download

Although the gameplay is not new, LifeAfter is still amazing because a survival game is designed according to the PC game standards for the first time on mobile. It’s better than titles like Rust, H1Z1, or Last Day On Earth, which are the same game. Leave a comment under the article if you have anything to share about this game.