VRTV Video Player v3.5.1 Final [Paid] [Latest]


VRTV Video Player:

VRTV Video Player

Experience your favorite VR videos with VRTV Video Player and headset compatible with Cardboard! Play your video in sync with a friend and experience it together, enjoy blocking out the world around you and immersing yourself in complete privacy.

Features :

– Principle of synchronization! Enjoy watching a film with another friend of the Cardboard!

– Subtitles in SRT format, with full support for RTL languages and Unicode characters.

– Immersive virtual environment.

– Control of the game in VR.

– Gamepad and keyboard controls.

– The simple design of materials.

– The simple design of materials.

– Setup of the headset.

– Sharing network media.

Gamepad and Keyboard controls :

DPAD left/right or Arrow keys left/right: Skip forward/backward in movie.
DPAD up/down or Arrow keys up/down: Screen size.
L1/R1 shoulder buttons or F1/F2: Previous/next file in directory(FULL VERSION ONLY).
L2/R2 shoulder buttons or F11/F12: Volume down/up.
X Button or Space bar: Play/pause.
A Button or Escape: Stop movie and exit VR.
Y Button or F3: Trigger screen position calibration.
B Button or F4: Reset screen position.A Click or Escape: Arrange movie and exit VR.
Y Button or F3: adjustment of the location of the screen trigger.
Click B or F4: Reset the location of the screen.

Instructions :

– Select your file and set the properties of the video. The next time you open the folder, they’ll be recognized.

– Play/pause or skip back and forth in your video using the in-VR UI. To monitor the video location, you can also press the progress bar.

Synchronization instructions :

– Synchronization is a new feature that keeps two devices in sync with a movie. First set up your peer’s IP in Settings to enable sync, where you can also find your own device’s IP.

– Choose the video you want to watch.

– In the VR UI, click the “sync” button on both devices to enable synchronization.

– Begin the video by pressing the Play button on one of the phones.

Seeking and network play is supported!

Upcoming features in development :

Support from YouTube.

– Further options for setup.

Upgrades to the VR UI.

– Updates to synchronize.

Before you buy, please try the free version to ensure that everything works with your setup. Feature feedback is always welcome, bug reports and reviews!

VRTV Video Player