The APK for PROJECT Anomaly is now available on APKMODY. This game’s APK and OBB files can be downloaded for free and installed on your Android computer. Let’s try a unique tactical mercenary simulator: schedule your actions in turn-based mode, use cutting-edge weapons, battle in a variety of settings, and gain money and experience to become a private military company legend!



Describe the PROJECT Anomaly

PROJECT Anomaly is a turn-based strategy game that was recently published. Here, you will demonstrate your strategic thinking by capturing enemy bases and establishing the most strong private military empire. The road to glory in PROJECT Anomaly, however, is not without its challenges. Since you’ll be competing against other online players from all over the world.



Anomaly is a military-themed strategy game. Its gameplay is also not too complex, as it is focused on turn-based mechanics. When a war starts, you can choose acts for all of the force’s members. Then, to see the results, click end-turn.

Until the shooting, each character can switch or perform other actions twice. And, depending on the type of soldier unit, you must assign the appropriate roles to them in order to obtain the best fighting status. After all, the battle ends with a reward for the winner if neither team’s forces are fully defeated. PROJECT Anomaly is an online strategy game, as I previously said. While this is intriguing, it is something to be concerned about for newcomers due to their level of knowledge and understanding.

The developer doesn’t want their players to find themselves in such a situation, so they’ve created a series of training missions aimed at helping them understand the character and how the game works.

When you’re taking part in the training missions, you’ll notice that PROJECT Anomaly is so tactical that one wrong move can cost you your life. This is also understandable since you move in plain sight, and the enemy will detect you and strike you.


Units of soldiers

As you progress through the game, PROJECT Anomaly will provide you with three soldier units: Assaulter, Snipper, and Scout. Naturally, each has a unique position and combat style on the battlefield. To beat the enemy, you must first consider their combat style in order to devise realistic strategies. Snipper has the ability to strike from a long distance.



He should be able to shoot down enemies from afar while remaining immune to enemy attacks. Since Assaulter and Scout have a shorter attack range, you must select close positions for them to quickly ambush enemies.

This makes them strong fighters, but it also makes them vulnerable to attack if they fall into the enemy’s pit. Scout can also go faster than Assaulter, which is something to keep in mind. In general, there are still a lot of other units that could be unlocked in the future.

The personal stats system allows you to read and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each soldier category. You may also upgrade them to improve their effectiveness on the battlefield.


Geographical considerations

When planning a war strategy, the topography is a crucial aspect to consider. If you know that the map has a lot of secret locations that make it easy for your units to cover each other, Assaulter and Snipper are the first units that come to mind. Scout, on the other hand, is an excellent substitute for Assaulter if the map is wider since they can travel forward to find a better and safer attack spot.



The enemy will often force you into a dangerous situation when fighting. In that case, you should use aids like bolstering your protection, improving your fitness, and increasing your fighting ability. These features can be upgraded as well. You choose Base – a personal military base from the main menu.

The command center (Command Center), the medical center, the arsenal, the barracks, and the manufacturing workshop are some of the places. And we’re only concerned with the medical center in this section. You upgrade the medical center to give military units on the frontline more protection and health.




This procedure is resource-intensive and is linked to the Command Center. To be licensed to upgrade to other locations, you must first upgrade the Command Center.


Download PROJECT Anomaly APK for Android PROJECT

Anomaly will quickly satisfy those who enjoy tactical games. Fierce wars, a haven for the world’s most talented and courageous military men. This is a game you should not skip if you like war games.