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I’m not sure why retro game titles have become so popular again in recent years. Garena Contra Returns APK is a partnership between Tencent Games and Konami that is supposed to bring many gamers from the 4-button gaming age back to life. Following the demand in Taiwan, the Garena Company, with the manufacturer’s permission, has agreed to release multilingual languages such as English, Indonesian, and Chinese.



Garena Contra Returns is Added

The storied game

Garena Contra Returns is a shooter action game that preserves the game’s original design, from gameplay to the environment. The gameplay is the same, but the control system seems to be more difficult because the touchscreen replaces the four buttons.

Because of the scientifically built screen, this control becomes very simple after a while of playing. In general, you’ll control your character as he runs with three lives, killing all enemies along the way with his pistol. And, as always, the boss will appear at the end of each level’s course. Giant bosses come in a wide range of designs and techniques, making the game significantly more challenging.


There are a lot of new features

Since merely maintaining the old game does not seem to be appealing, the publisher has introduced a slew of new features. Typically, the character system, although the original only had two characters to choose from, Bill and Lane, the current version has more.


You will battle with 15 different characters in Garena Contra Returns, each with its own unique shape and skills. However, not all characters are available for you to choose from, so you’ll have to pick a lot of small pieces, just like in card games. You can also buy characters with your money, which is a faster choice. Garena Contra Returns now has the same skills and improvements as true RPGs, not to mention automatic shooting and direction control. In addition, you can unlock and improve your own weapons.

Boss hunting, tower defense, and dungeons have also been introduced to Garena Contra Returns. This is a new function that varies from the previous edition. You can not only beat all AI in the game, but you can also compete against other players in 1v1 or 4v4 PvP matches.


The graphics have Increased in Quality

It should come as no surprise that Garena Contra Returns has better graphics than the original. Publishers in the modern age of graphics production take great care to produce stunning graphics that are exceptionally sharp. The game’s background music isn’t especially unforgettable, but the familiar sounds remind you of the original.




For Android, get Garena Contra Returns APK

Contra continues to hold a special place in the hearts of gamers after all these years. With a noticeable change, Garena Contra Returns can provide you with more exciting moments on your screen.

The game has been remade to be more complicated with many different features, and the difficult elements of the game also make it less repetitive and build an odd appeal. The game is currently available for download on both Google Play and the App Store, and it is totally free. You can also get it from our APK file, which you can download and install.