Unlimited Money Tintin Match MOD APK

Tintin Match MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is now available for download on APKMODY, an exciting game that combines match 3 and puzzle elements. Join Tintin on his quest to unravel the mysteries. Tintin is a free-to-play game with some in-game items available for purchase. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings if you don’t want to use it.
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Tintin Match is an introduction to Tintin

The game Tintin Match was released on August 31 as scheduled by 5th Planet Games Development ApS. This is a match-three puzzle game based on the famous animated comic strip “The Adventures of Tintin.” The publisher has cleverly opened up a vast universe revolving around the characters from the original animated series, using familiar and enjoyable gameplay mechanics.

Tintin Match is a must-have for fans of match 3 games and the Tintin comic book. This fantastic combination will provide you with many more enjoyable moments.


The plot

The core characters from the Tintin comic book series appear in Tintin Match. Tintin is a young and enthusiastic reporter. He is a gifted problem-solver who is knowledgeable and resourceful. On his journeys, he has looked into a number of mystery cases with just a few hints. Snowy, an intelligent dog with a razor-sharp nose, is accompanying him. Tintin’s best friend is Snowy. Two people can interact with each other simply by looking at each other. Professor Calculus and his strange inventions are also not to be forgotten. However, it is undeniable that Tintin’s inventions are sometimes extremely helpful in solving cases.

When playing Tintin Match, you’ll sometimes see the sloppy detective couple, Thomson and Thompson. Despite the fact that you’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces, you’ll be embarking on a brand-new adventure that has never been seen before in the Tintin comics. “The Crab with Golden Claws” is the first case you’ll meet. Captain Haddock, a new character, appears in this adventure. Haddock sports a colossal mustache. He enjoys smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages.

Starting a new day tends to be fairly routine. The snowy dog is playing with an empty can while the Thompsons are investigating a counterfeit money situation. Tintin is surprised to receive an unusual letter from a stranger in town. The person who sent the letter then mysteriously vanished after that. Join Tintin as he explores the mystery of the cryptic message. Trace the trail of a golden crab through cities that are both familiar and foreign. Are you prepared to discover the truth?


Playing the Game

To solve the mystery, you must first defeat a set of difficult match-3 puzzles. The gameplay mechanics are still similar to those found in similar games.

To make them vanish, simply group objects of the same form into a vertical or horizontal row of at least three items. There will be a condition for you to meet at the end of each step.

Tintin Match will usually ask you to collect or kill a certain type of object, but only with a limited number of moves. Create a clever plan to get three stars without having to restart the game.



Resources are Being Crafted and the Future is Being Developed

You can use the support things at the bottom of the screen if you’re having trouble solving the puzzle. There are three types of assistance objects. The hammer, which can break an item square, and the hand, which can switch the locations of two adjacent squares, are the two most widely used. Make an attempt to complete more stages. They’ll assist you in unlocking a variety of new scenes and locations. As a result, you’ll be gathering more resources. Use the puzzle pieces you’ve been given to make things that will support you in combat. Not only that but as you advance through the levels, more clues will be uncovered, assisting you in unraveling the true mystery that has been kept secret for so long.



As soon as you start the game, you’ll be immersed in the opening story, which is beautifully rendered in 3D. From the drawing to the GUI, publisher 5th Planet Games has partnered with Moulinsart (the company behind Tintin) to ensure the authenticity of Tintin Match.




Tintin Match MOD APK is a modified version of Tintin Match

Function of MOD

Unlimited Money: You can buy a lot of boosters and things with the money we give you in the game.


Tintin Match MOD APK for Android is Available to Download

Tintin Match is a game that takes little time to get used to because of its basic gameplay. If you’re a fan of the Tintin cartoon, it’s time to join the reporter in solving mysteries.