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Have you ever heard the famous tale of sniper Jack the Ripper, London’s unidentified serial killer who cut the throats of victims and never used guns?

In our scary offline shooting gun horror game, Victorian criminals, brutal fights, awesome sniper gameplay, realistic modes, and other hardcore stuff!


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Hordes of beasts and the undead have invaded England. You are the one who is needed by the government! Save the earth and ruin evil! London Slums: Set the city free from monsters! â Ravenous Forest make it live! Ancient Crypt: Battle the evil that has broken into the human world! 37 special monsters and bosses! â Weapons: Chakram, Winchester, Revolver, Crossbow.


Monster Killer Pro Introduction

Are you familiar with Jack the Ripper or Axlar-Björn? They are the Victorian period’s most popular serial killers. Enter Monster Killer Pro, and you’re given the opportunity to face them. Are you going to become a predator or prey?




In the late 19th century, Monster Killer Pro is set in London, and the dark powers are slowly fading from the Victorian era. It is presented as a city of wealth and development during the day in London. But death was everywhere as night fell, from small alleys to wide streets.

There are bloodthirsty zombies, killers, and hunters in the cloud of haze and the silent night. At this point, whoever steps out onto the street will become hunted prey, hard to escape from death. You can help London escape from this darkness with your experience, ability, and courage.



Your aim is to eliminate all dangers in the city when witnessing Monster Killer Pro. Gangs of gangsters, thieves, mutants, and deadly murderers are part of them. The content has been divided into chapters by the game system, so you will have to complete enough levels in that chapter to access the next chapter.

More precisely, you’ll be taken to a position at the start of a level. Barriers, including wooden crates, hurdles, traps, and monsters, exist.

You need to beat all of them to finish the process 100 percent and unlock the next level. You will meet an old lady on some special points (NPC). She will have some support, like armor, some power-boosting, or health-healing items, for you. You may select one of the two aids provided by NPC.


The Monsters

Monsters have a number of forms, each with a different characteristic, and to come up with the best battle strategy, you need to study them. Some animals are moving very fast, others are attacking from afar or firing more bullets. Monsters appear to attack quicker and more powerfully over time.

Their wellbeing (HP) is steadily improving as well. Therefore, in terms of power, if your character does not grow, you are easily left behind and become a monster’s prey. Besides, you’re going to have to face bosses that are full of strong bosses. Not only do they look massive, but they are very dangerous as well. When hitting obstacles, the damaged beams they fire do not vanish but seem to bounce back.

There’s no space for you to move and dodge, so try to beat them until the map is dense with harmful rays. In return, you are rewarded with one lucky “Fortune Teller” spin if you beat the Boss. This lucky spin involves items that improve the stats of the character and significant bonuses.



The equipment helps improve the health and strength stats of your character. This feature has been comprehensively designed by Monster Killer Pro, and you can fit up to 6 types: rings, arms, guard rings, pets, and armor. Each equipment form gives a number of stats or increases the total stats of the character by a certain percentage. The Hunter Cape cloak I have, for example, gives 250 HP and boosts defense by 10 percent.

You can also upgrade the full equipment of your character, to improve the skills they offer. Ruby and raw materials are consumed by this process and enable you to achieve certain stages. Moreover, it is possible to fuse the equipment.

To carry out this purpose, you need 3 objects of the same kind. Any individuals are going to wonder where they can locate them. This is pretty easy. When you fight, the monster drops the equipment. Or, in the shop, you can buy (safe) cabinets, then open them to get guns and products. Three forms of protection are available: iron, steel, and premium. Iron cabinets provide common types of appliances, while steel and premium cabinets include uncommon and unique types.


Version Plugin APK of Monster Killer Pro

Function of MOD

Unlimited Capital: You can use the money to make a secure purchase. They provide a lot of rare materials and equipment for you to use during upgrades.


Monster Killer Pro MOD APK update for Android

Monster Killer Pro is an entertaining game of action. There are a lot of scary monsters in its material, but it does not hold the iconic post-apocalyptic sci-fi theme you have ever played. Instead, it’s a real-world view of the Victorian era, a dark street landscape of dim, hazy smoke.

Slowly, London is being destroyed. Become a knight, kill monsters in order to restore the glory of the city, to encourage people not to be afraid when they leave the house at night.