Unlimited Money Flip Master MOD APK 2.2.1

Flip Master Mod Apk 2.1.0 [Money Unlimited

A sports game with limitless gold and coins is the Flip Master Mod game. You will get unlimited gold and coins in this mod game to purchase all the items for free. This game will be simple for you with this mod. Enjoy this game. An interesting simulation game of this sport called Flip Master MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gold) was accidentally discovered today by surfing Facebook.


Around Master Flip

I used to play the trampoline while I was studying in the US. This is where famous they are. For every five families, two families were preferred. Not only in the United States but even most of the young people in the western countries are preferred. Back in Vietnam, I’m not playing yet, so I remember that sometimes. I remember the trampoline, so I’m going to open the iPhone to download the app, so the first feeling is pretty fun and a good time killer. Flip Master has two versions for both Android and iOS and is a feature of Miniclip.com.

For those who are interested in acrobatics, this game is particularly suitable. Released as a free-to-play, Flip Master quickly climbed in just a few days to the top of Google Play and Appstore. The game has crossed nearly 10 million installments in less than a month. This is a huge number, partially showing the popularity of this sport, and also the appeal of Miniclip.com’s famous games.



In the Flip Master, to leap from the canvas and practice trampoline abilities such as acrobatics, tumbling, spinning, jumping on the tarpaulin, and being a mastery of the trampoline athlete, you will have to control your character. Try to leap as high as possible during the Flip Master game, Frontflips, Backflips, Gainers, Layouts, Hops, and Bounces, preventing the loss of momentum or falling out of character.

There will be gold coins in the air throughout the game, so you can collect them. The most exciting moment in this game is the game over. It’s mostly funny to fall in a game, but sometimes the horror (quite rare). You can easily record your screen when you feel bored, record the best jumps or enjoyable moments, and share with your mates to see who is the best player on the trampoline.


Unlocking new locations & characters

Players will unlock more places to play with some different types of tarpaulins to maximize the appeal, such as the backyard, gym, park, circus.   Besides, you can unlock new characters with the money won. Optionally, you should upgrade your personality to gain greater physical strength. Of course, there is a certain index for each character, and no character is the strongest.



To help you boost the strength of your character, the game has a large number of power-ups. It will help to climb higher, to be more acrobatic, to be able to suck gold, and more.


Platform Graphics

In terms of graphics, on a crisp 3D backdrop, the Flip Master is built with bright colors that provide the player with the most realistic feel. Based on the physical mechanism, the motion in the game is programmed, ensuring that all of the character’s gestures are most normal. But do not worry, trust in the laws of physics, and in this specific subject, prove your ingenuity. Music, mostly to have fun, is relatively easy.

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Flip Master’s MOD APK edition

Function of MOD

Capital Unlimited


Flip Master MOD APK  Android Download

Often you can take some time to experience the Flip Master when you don’t have the Internet and don’t know what to do (Well, because this game does not need the Internet, you can play it offline). This is a fun sports game that, with beautiful design, fun, and rich gameplay, can not be more fun.

On both Android and iOS platforms, Flip Master is free. Are you ready to download the hottest sports game?