Unlimited Money Car Mechanic Simulator by Techiapk

The large sum of cash in the Car Mechanic Simulator will help you upgrade your garage to support more clients. Via the link below the post, download the game.


Introduce the Car Simulator Mechanic

Car Mechanic Simulator is a simulation game released on the Android operating system by Digital Melody Games. The PC version (sold on Steam) and the console version are actually very popular.

It has a lot of fans, as one of the addictive and rewarding simulation games is classified. You can now experience the Car Mechanic Simulator on your phone right away.


A new stage goes to the Bestselling Car Mechanic Simulator game

The 2018 Car Mechanic Simulator urges players to fix, paint, tune and drive vehicles. In the new Barn Find module and Junkyard module, you can find classic, unique cars. In the Car Editor, you can even add your self-made car. In this extremely detailed and highly realistic simulation game, where attention to car detail is shocking, create and extend your repair service empire.

All this with new graphics that are photorealistic. With more vehicles (40+), more instruments (10+), more choices, and more materials (1000+) than ever before. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.



Car Mechanic Simulator centers around an inmate. A secret agency kidnapped him and he was locked in a dark room. As he woke up from his coma, he found himself in a dark room, smelling like oil and smelling like a mechanic.

Turns out, He had to sign a contract with this mysterious group, in return for the safety of his family, to help them repair the car for a while. Take the spanner and the resources that are required. Your job is to fix and upgrade the cars’ best performance.


Play as a professional mechanic

The Car Mechanic Simulator story is actually very dramatic, but the essence of the game is to turn you into a mechanic, with the mission of fixing and upgrading customer vehicles. Customers will come and carry their vehicles when the mechanical workshop opens its doors. In order for the car to run properly, you would have to accept repair requests, diagnose issues, and fix them.

Of course, if they no longer work, you can restore the parts or choose to substitute them. A fairly detailed simulation game is Car Mechanic Simulator. It’s both about the puzzle factor (finding the problem, the fault of the vehicle, and providing a solution) and the technical aspect is also related.

You can approach this game more easily if you are a trained mechanic. The Car Mechanic Simulator relies on the fact that the vehicle is damaged by a single fault. Therefore, to inspect each component, you will have to dismantle the car and locate the damaged spark plug to repair it.


How can the car be fixed in this game?

You can still play the Car Mechanic Simulator and improve your skills if you are a newbie with no auto repair experience. A technical workflow is provided by the game. The first is to receive customers’ inquiries. The diagnostic machine is then used to examine the vehicle briefly. You will continue to dismantle the components, locate the problematic element.

In the end, repair it or purchase a new component to replace it, mount it, and finish the work. Of course, the process is not yet completed. Can you even bring your car in the race to see whether it’s really solved the problems? Is the

replacement part fitting as planned and working?

Any errors can happen. Your rewards and experience will diminish, but you still have a chance to fix your mistakes.


Upgrade your seminar

The Car Mechanic Simulator offers a workflow for development, helping you minimize the amount of work and effort involved in fixing cars. For starters, to make it run quicker and more effectively, you can upgrade the diagnostic machine. Before that, if the brake or tire fault can not be tested, please upgrade them.

In addition, the tools can also be upgraded, helping you dismantle and dismantle. Performance can be increased, of course, when anything is upgraded. This is critical because only for a certain amount of time are your customers waiting.

They will leave and you will not earn any wages if the time is over and you are still not done. Therefore, reducing the time for manual inspection or component replacement would meet customer requirements. When you complete several duties, clients can come to your workshop more.


Car Mechanic Simulator MOD APK edition

Function of MOD

Unlimited Money: There’s a lot of money you have.


Car Mechanic Simulator MOD APK download for Android

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