Unlimited Money Best Cooking Fever APK 0.1.0

Do you dream of being a chef in France’s luxury restaurant business?

Do you want to cook delicious food on your own, but you don’t have enough equipment, time, and money? When your phone has Cooking Fever MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems), an addictive restaurant management game from Nordcurrent, it will not be too far away.

You will have the chance to run a restaurant of your own and prepare delicious meals and desserts from all over the world. Cooking Fever (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Gems) – If you want to cook and you still dream of being the best chef and having your own restaurant, this game is made for you! Cook, draw tourists, and stock your tiny restaurant with the most delicious dishes.


Around Fever Cooking

Become a scrumptious super chef

If you get a coffee maker’s experience at Idle Coffee Corp, then your position has changed in Cooking Fever. As needed by clients, you will have the position of a chef to cook dishes. From the fast-food shop, the Oyster Bar, or the Asian restaurant, you can pick one of the many unique locations. Become a super-skilled chef with cooking techniques.

For you to be adventurous, there are plenty of fresh and interesting recipes with a range of different ingredients. Furthermore, your kitchen will have a lot of equipment in it. Coffee makers, toasters, popcorn machines, for example, will all help you make the dishes according to the specifications of the customers and allow them to be most happy.

There will be different visitors and waiting times for each class. In the meantime, they’ll pay you if they fulfill the criteria. They will quit if not, and the food you make will be discarded.


Build a restaurant of your own

You will get several new experiences from playing Cooking Fever. You are also a great restaurant boss, in addition to being a top chef. It is important to decorate the store after cooking delicious dishes to attract customers. Decorate the store like tables and chairs, floors,  in your own way, so customers can enjoy your restaurant and visit their friends often.

When more crowded guests arrive, it means more meal requests. You have to upgrade your kitchen and kitchen appliances at that time to get the fastest power. Create guest gifts such as butter cookies, too, so that your visitors have more unforgettable experiences.

It feels like life is real! The higher the stage, the more you have restaurants. With more diverse meals, the high-class restaurants would be unlocked. And it will expand and grow the restaurant chain.


Attractive Cooking Fever characteristics

  • Level 1400: over 1400 different levels are available for you to complete. Terrific! Fantastic! In addition, previous levels can be replayed to earn more coins.
  • Food: a range of dishes cooked with 350 ingredients, with more than 1300 dishes. This gives you a cooking passion!
  • Location: Most special places such as FastFood, Bakery, Seafood,.are varied and modified at all times.
  • Reward: in-game rewards include experience and gold. You can gain up or finish missions through levels.
  • Upgrade equipment: To make dishes easier, use gold to upgrade kitchen appliances. There are 3 stars to upgrade each object and the upgrade number is greater after each time.


With graphics

With 3D graphics, the graphics of Cooking Fever are carefully managed to create eye-catching dishes. Thousands of delicious dishes, similar to real-life dishes, are realistically crafted. I think you shouldn’t play this game if you’re planning to lose weight.


In addition, in the kitchen, a range of sound effects, such as the cooking sound, offer a sense of authenticity and excitement in the player. In 87 MB of memory, all encapsulated, not too heavy.


Cooking Fever MOD APK edition

Function of MOD

Capital Unlimited


Cooking Fever MOD APK Update for Android

Cooking Fever has generated an unparalleled mania for a cooking game with appealing and very attractive features. There are millions of downloads and it provides calming moments for athletes. In this way, we see the “heat” of this obviously simple game. This is a game you can’t skip if you are a lover of cooking or have an ‘eating’ soul.