Underground 2077 MOD APK 1.0.51

Underground 2077

(Unlimited Money)


The planet is being ravaged by the catastrophe of zombies. Fight and defend humans from zombies with a young soldier in Underground 2077 MOD APK (Unlimited Money).



Underground 2077 is set in the future in 2077. Humans are suffering from a pandemic of zombies. It’s been around for quite a while and it’s been enough to ruin most of the Earth’s lives.




A young soldier survived in New York. As death engulfed him, he sought to find refuge. And then, he discovered an abandoned station on the subway. It’s dark, and it doesn’t seem healthy.



Underground 2077’s content is built and split into small challenges. The challenge stretches through New York’s subway tunnels, you can pass through every region in turn and defeat the zombies.

There are around 14 zombies, you use the MP5 gun that the machine offers to kill them, and then move on to the next obstacle in the West-Wall Underpass. The first place you set foot is West Station. For the most part, the aim is to defeat those goals in the challenges of Underground 2077.

And it gets a bonus combo to complete a continuous series of challenges. These include items such as bandages, chests of good luck, bombs, and bonuses. The game’s control panel is designed very clearly, including a D-Pad key for navigating and reloading, a button for aiming, and two buttons for using support objects. Each time you fire at the target, the character will automatically shoot.

There are two factions to play in, like Alliance and Independence, that you can choose from. The only two characters in Underground 20777 are also two characters from two sects.