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Under: Depths of Fear:

Will anything be worse than the living hell that you have experienced in the war trenches?

You thought it was all over, but it got worse, somehow, than you ever imagined. Where are you located? When has it ended? The only thing you can do right now is try to salvage a miserable life of your own… just like before.

Immerse yourself in the shoes of traumatised WWI veteran Alexander Dockter as he tries to survive as it fills with water and sinks on board an eerie turn-of-the-century-era ocean liner. As if it’s not terrifying enough to try to escape from a gigantic doomed ship in the middle of the night, you find out that your escape is being sabotaged by sinister forces that seem to want something from you. Check your fears and find out if you can escape as this classic turns all the elements against you horror experience.

-Survival Horror: Escape from haunting elements of horror that drive shivers down the spines of the most experienced players
– A Race Against the Ocean: Witness the horror of flooded decks and the loss of panic control