The Sun Origin MOD APK 1.9.8

The Sun Origin:

This article addresses the most recent game, The Sun Origin MOD APKK, which is getting the most attention (Unlimited Money).

Despite having been warned years earlier about the risk, it was ignored by leaders of many countries. This tragedy is not a precaution. As a result, humanity is collapsing, the environment is covered with cancer-causing radioactive particles, insufficient food sources, all soil is destroyed and contaminated. In the meantime, high-adaptability alien species are attempting to invade here.

Some people had listened to the alarm earlier, fled to bunkers, and escaped. While they were lucky enough to escape death, they still took on a difficult survival mission at the same time.

The Sun Origin takes on the FPS genre’s core gameplay. You’re going to drive around on the map, searching for NPCs to assist them with the mission. Check for an item, look for other soldiers in the area to ask for help or destroy all the monsters and other enemy forms.

Raven is the survivor of the threat. He is a normal person, so, after his activities, his health will decrease. Look for food and water to maintain a healthy level, medical supplies to recover from injuries, in addition to seeking to support others. Don’t forget to cover yourself with guns, armour, gas masks and other equipment.

The game contains not only people-eating monsters, but also an army of cruel lords. The representative of the North-216 Group was more precisely selected. Those who disobey them are able to kill them. So be vigilant.

As described, as a post-apocalyptic planet, with food shortages, a variety of diseases and radiation, The Sun Origin sets the scene. You’re going to have to restore each small area to life. There are characters there who will give you details on what you need to do.

You begin with Rusty Wasteland, then Bunker-216 Lands, Northern Blockpost Community/Community Lands, Warehouse, and dozens of other areas. There will, of course, be new challenges and new dangers you face. There is a rational solution to everything, but first, in order to survive in a harsh environment, you need to concentrate on combat skills and food.

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