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Pascal’s Wager

APK 1.0.7


Everyone is simulated in detail and realistic about the setting, characters, monsters. In every move and viewpoint of the character, you are engulfed in a world of obscurity, adventure. Besides, in keeping with the pace of the game, you can enjoy the cut scenes with great angles.



Pascal’s Wager has gameplay that does not have much difference compared to games in the same genre, despite a detailed and complex storyline. You pick your favorite character, then battle and discover the rest of the story with the character.


The console is structured in an elegant manner. The publisher tries to help you fully enjoy the game footage, so the control keys have been minimized as much as possible so that it does not take up too much screen space.

The familiar mechanism of control in role-playing games. To control the moving character while using skills such as slashing, gliding, blocking with the keys on the right, you use the virtual joystick on the left (hidden). The two bars below, rather than above, show information such as mana and HP.

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