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On Google Play, the special edition of Katapa Game Special Edition costs $ 4.99, but you can get the MOD APK version for free here!


Introduce the Special Version of Katapa Game

The most popular fighting game for cell phones is Nekki’s Katap’a Game. It was first released in 2014, and more than 200 million people have downloaded it in the last seven years. However, since the game is free to play, it contains monetization models that all players hate.

Katap’a Game Special Edition was produced in response to this. The energy system that previously restricted how many times you might play has been eliminated, enabling you to play at any time. Additionally, there are no commercials during the game.



Katap’a Game Special Edition follows the same plot as Katapa Game, with the inclusion of the Old Wounds narrative. The main character is a young Sensei in the novel. One day, Sensei came across Shogun soldiers who were attempting to abduct the Prince by mistake. He battled them and defeated them. The shogun was furious. He quickly enlisted the aid of ninja and prepared them to stage an overthrow.


Playing the game

When you play the game, you can take on the role of a young Sensei. Your goal is to defeat the Shogun’s soldiers and foil his evil scheme. In general, the content and gameplay of Katapa Game Special Edition are close to that of its predecessor. The basic weapon system is provided to the character.



In each chapter, you will play in stages, attempting to beat the enemy and advance to new content. The challenge will steadily grow as well.

There are more enemies, and they are much more agile and strong than before. Sensei has a hidden weapon that he can use to launch attacks from afar. He also has a special ability that deals a lot of damage.


Arms and products

You must equip your character with the best weapons and armor in the game. The weaponry is highly diverse. Kusari-gama, Shuriken, or Kunai can be used in place of the Kanata sword.

Each sort provides a distinct advantage in fighting. If you want to beat the enemy, learn the advantages and disadvantages of each weapon. In Katap’a Game Special Edition, you can also upgrade your equipment.

This technique uses a large number of coins and diamonds. They can, however, increase the character’s defense, health, and strength.


Fighting abilities



Fighting skills, in addition to weapons, are extremely necessary. When Sensei grows, he can develop new abilities.


What’s new in this limited-edition release?

Katap’a Game Special Edition has some new features compared to the original version, including the elimination of advertisements and energy elements to limit your gameplay. , the machinery is less costly. Second, completing missions or a special stage in the game will win you diamonds and coins.

Third, the inventory of equipment has been modified to include a range of new and improved models, including armor and guns. The free edition does not contain them.

The character will become stronger as a result of these, enabling him to complete challenging missions. Katap’a Game Special Edition also features new maps and enhanced graphics quality. While playing, you will have a greater sense of clarity.


Katap’a Game Special Edition MOD APK

includes the following features: Unlimited Money: You have a lot of cash and valuables.


Katapa Game Special Edition MOD APK

For Android Katapa Game Special Edition provides players with a more immersive experience than the free version. With more than 10 hours of gameplay, the game’s content has been extended. Furthermore, the incentive scheme has been strengthened.




Given what Katapa Game Special Edition has to offer, I believe it deserves a justification to entice Katapa Game players to return. The game’s MOD APK edition can be found below. It is available for free download.