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Slaughter 2: Prison Assault

Techiapkworld plays a big role for Andriod user it gives you Slaughter 2: Prison Assault free of cost. This game you can download from another Store’s or play store. it is too expensive. everyone not able to purchase this.


We received a disturbing message: There was a riot in the prison of Burdick. The entire staff is dead, the city is captured. Behind all these events is the mysterious and mad man called Tsantsa. Special Ops were sent to the city immediately, their task is to clear crazy inmates from the city itself and jail blocks. The streets of the city are full of fools and thugs, so you should grab weapons and start fighting!

You can break through the enemies, like real soldier, destroying everything that moves. But you can also look for secret intelligence and records to compile pieces of gruesome story in Burdick’s prison.

IYou have a wide range of weapons, enemies and intense boss fights in the game! Due to the excellent shooting system, you can feel the power of every gun you fire from and profoundly developed damage system makes every killing unique and exciting. Make ambushes and put the enemy’s traps, prowl behind them or be a trigger-happy guy who annihilates anyone who opposes him!

If you want to play great shooter with morbid humor, this game is really for you! 

*Not only well – developed but also well – optimized game graphics, which creates smooth gameplay on every device.

*Controls are indigenous, minimalist and responsive, giving you an immersive experience.

*couple of new enemies. Each has its own unique behavior. Find tactics to defeat everyone. Not all enemies can be rammed!

*Big and varied levels of the game are many secrets. Find insane diaries to fully understand the plot of the game. Find new guns and munitions. Save your friends – they’ll gladly help you fight the waves of psychos!

*Play at a different level of difficulty. You can chill on the level of “novice,” or if you are qualified, the level of “experienced” is right for you! But if you really want to test your skill, you dare to play the difficulty of the “veteran.” And now, soldier, load your gun and immerse yourself in the fray! The jail won’t be clear!


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