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sierra 7 mod apk:

This first-person shooter game, created by SHD Games, the same guys who gave you LONEWOLF, is designed to keep you amused during the entire gameplay. The game puts you against militiamen and insurgents who are willing to die for their cause, composed of a 12-hour single-player campaign.


You’ll have to face off against determined enemies in SIERRA 7-Tactical Shooter, who are not about to withdraw and who will do anything to get their job done. Their work includes hurting innocent citizens and seeing democracy and individual rights collapse-it is your duty to ensure that they do not succeed.

SIERRA 7 gameplay

The game has a minimalist design, which puts more focus on the gameplay itself and takes you back to those games of the past in the classic arcade style. This is a refreshing break from the Call of Duty-style ultra-realistic games that have dominated the industry for some time now.

In addition to realistic gameplay and exciting visuals, ultra-realistic gun sounds and motion mechanics also help you, adding to the game’s difficulty while also making it feel more credible. Levels are designed to integrate realistic scenarios that allow you to more vividly take advantage of these characteristics.

The guns featured in SIERRA 7 are based on firearms such as the AK-47, the AR-15, and the MP4 from the real world. There’s a broad selection of weapons to choose from, and, of course, a lot of your rivals are going to wield AK-47s… what kind of foreign villain is an AK missing?

Missions worldwide. Travel around the world battling in a variety of environments and circumstances against determined villains. Your duties will concentrate on stopping terrorist groups connected to violent militias. These guys are not just a few bad eggs, they are a serious threat to global peace and order.



The game is a little different than the desktop flash game on which it is based. First of all, while that is to be expected, the graphics are much better than they were in the flash game. You’ll have a slightly tweaked experience due to the mobile gameplay, which helps you to concentrate more on shooting and less on running around the world.

Movement automatically. At SIERRA 7, you don’t have to think about moving around. You can run around the map automatically and stop when it’s time for another shootout. This means you don’t have to waste time and energy wandering around trying to find your way to the next step of the mission. When it’s time to do business, you just clear the room. Of course, when needed, you can duck for cover,But this is the extent of the movement you’re going to make in the game.