Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK 1.24.1

Shadow Fight 3 (Frozen Enemy)


At first, Shadow Fight 3 appears to be an interesting shift in this battle game series: The brilliant black image, which inspired the name of the game, gives way for detailed and true 3D graphics.

It’s not more a legendary warrior cached in the shadows, but a new face, the name, sex, and looks of the Shadow Squad.


Nikki has improved the game significantly both in gameplay and graphics, one of the best improvements for this famous game company’s fighting game series. And thanks to this, Shadow Fight 3 ranks among the best action games on each platform.




Just like any other game in this genre, you’ll click the button to launch a series of attacks using the joystick. From the soaring tops to the blown strikes. Better still, throughout the game, you can also learn new skills.

Remember to fight hard as the enemy will knock away your arms. And if your hand drops the weapon, you must absolutely battle your hand, unless you call a dark force to help.



You have the chance to use various weapons and equipment in Shadow Combat 3. Refine your personality with things that look unbelievably threatening, like the face of Batman’s Bane or weapons like double swords, daggers, and nunchaku. You prefer to weaves and characters to make your own special battle style a difference.


A variety of strong legends are rewarded by competing in demanding stages. The equipment to build a collection of dream combat articles can be collected, used, and updated.



Shadow Fight 3 focuses on 3 Legion, Dynasty, and Herald’s power struggle. Shadow Energy, a powerful power source, can be controlled by the Shadow Squad legion. If you’re strong, your character will increase the speed, strength, and Shadow capacity using Shadow Form. Don’t be glad that the adversary can also find darkness’ power.


If our person will only have one enigmatic black colour, now in Shadow Combat 2 before. On a brand new blockbuster 3D graphics, the character returned to its full colour. Shadow Fight 3 has raised the standard of a battle game to a new level when it is used in advanced design technology, creating a world of colourful, amazingly true, giving players exceptionally good graphics.


The character system, the battle map, refreshes the graphics of the game… I feel very impressed by the abilities and combo effect of the game, looks really monumental.