Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK 4.9

Rope Hero:

Meet the biggest update of the free game about the funny blue super hero. We’ve made major additions and enhancements. Perhaps more fascinating and exciting is the updated planet. We have improved graphics quality, completely revamped and increased the scale of the massive open world.

It’s time to become a true super hero now. It’s time to be solid, to be fast and to be fearless. Start your mission and climb to the top of fame right now. Try your hand at an entertaining third-person 3D shooter with RPG features, get a fresh gameplay experience and enjoy the new edition with new emotions.

To free the city from violence, use your force. By conducting fun quests, the main character always has to combat evil. The hero will fight against the gangsters and other evils that have filled this place. The hero will earn renown and gain immense popularity in the region. The hero is still waiting for thrilling chases and battles with different bosses, too.

Even, the character has super powers. In his Arsenal, he has an infinite super chain, as well as the capacity to make mega jumps and landings, the ability to move around buildings, and many other fascinating things. The hero will easily travel through the city’s buildings with the aid of a rope, move over the buildings and be conscious of what is happening on the streets of the city.

As well as discounts on items, we have greatly expanded the game store. The game has modified the ammunition selection for the player, so you can use any collection to customise your character. Among others, this makes it special.

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