Ronin: The Last Samurai Apk

The Last Samurai

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Play in Ronin as the Samurai: the last samurai, cross several places to uncover the enemies and kill them. Prepare yourself for this bloody struggle.

Japanese samurai are legends. They lived in old times, and they are considered to be very dangerous samurai. Ronin: The Last Samurai recreates the Samurai’s glorious age when the guns aren’t very powerful. The furious war, hate, and retribution of a faithful samurai.



The journey of revenge is long and complicated. You travel through thick woods, high mountains, war-torn rural areas. There are dangerous enemies in any position you must derail to keep going.




You will play the part of a faithful samurai in Ronin: the Last Samurai. He takes vengeance for his killed warlord. Samurai took an oath to know who’s behind it and to make him pay what he’s done. He is going to slash all those who are evil and who stand in his path with his Sword at the same time.



Ronin’s script: The Last Samurai is pretty loose. The game has little text, mostly provocative enemy lines and gameplays. The levels are, however, intimately connected. The enemy, warriors, generals, and the top Butchers of an empire, steadily improved.

In reality, skills cannot be learned actively. If you pass a number of special levels, the character will rise and the system will provide you with new skills. Examples include the will, fluid action, or resurrection scroll of Samurai. The character receives new add-ons based on each ability that will help him get stronger. Do you want a Samurai to increase the time for healing, harm, or defense? All is up to you.

In addition, passive skills can also be learned. These skills and requirements can be checked on the website via the “Functions” tab.

Typically the struggles of Ronin: the Last Samurai is a struggle of four, six, or more. They have swords, bows, or guns. They are equipped with. Thanks to long-range weapons, several attackers will strike you simultaneously and that is a signal of failure. Prioritize combat with enemies using guns or bows, and only use melee weapons to deal with enemies. Your character can be minimized harm.