Radio Commander APK 1.426

Radio Commander



Radio Commander is a tactical role-playing game by Games Operators S.A. You can become an intelligence soldier on the battlefield in this game. In the mid-20th century, you will take over the American platoons participating in the war in Vietnam.



Radio Commander faithfully depicts the harsh reality of the senseless war in brutality, bigotry, cruelty, and vulgarity. The game includes certain recordings not acceptable for individuals under 16 years of age




You will be the position of a soldier of the radio intelligence known as the “Papa Bear” by the Radio Commander, who commanded two Alphabet and Bravo armies on the old tent away from the front line, radio, and a map of the region.

You must put in the map and broadcast the radio to the army information concerning the position of your unit, the enemy, the neutral. Offer correct commands and attempt to reduce your platoon’s casualties.



Radio Commander should manage basic orders. Radio Commander. To trigger the radio, click on SPACEBAR, the number of units for which reports or commands you wish to receive.

Units will touch each other when detecting enemies or suspect movements. On a map, units are labeled with symbols, which you can see close up.

The computer pinged automatically the coordinates of the last visible platon after the contacts are confirmed. The radio message record can be verified by pressing.

If something suspicious is unusual you should immediately alert your peloton, place enemy troop markers to track their movement.



The required information will come to you after the war, including the number of people injured, the military position, the availability of bullets, and the enemy location. You will take over the commander and declare the evacuation of everyone in the event of an emergency.

Not like other games during the battle process, however, Radio Commander still has heavy fighting, simulating the tense war atmosphere.

Often Radio Commander shows false facts, which you can distract easily when you’re not careful. Therefore, you have to search to make sure no troops are in that area in preparation for a bombing.

Sony Radio Control Wireless Commander, Black (FAWRC1M)

Works great with Sony HVL-F45RM without the need for the receiver. I am using this to control my F45RM wirelessly without any additional hardware. Now I also have the F43M and that does require the receiver.

Compact and easy to use. I use it with my HVL-F45RM. I wish it would convey the distance scale in manual mode to the flash so that you can determine the distance of flash coverage.

Needed this for my Sony A7ii and two HVL-F45RM flashes. I am NOT disappointed! I love it. Seamless synchronization with Sony radio control flashes. There are cheaper alternatives