PUBG new update upcoming with winter arrived Vikendi map snow hunter

PUBG new update upcoming with winter arrived Vikendi map snow hunter


PUBG is the battleground game, this game is categorized in adventures games as well as there are so many games in the market have been introduced but except all the PUBG is on top of them nowadays it is played widely in the world, the reason this game has been very adventures for all ages of people, not only that you can play this game in any device, PUBG is the battleground game in which you can play with weapons that means there would be 100 enemies  with whom you need to fight not only that it has given some maps which are categorized in different weather and different locations,

Erangle map:

Mostly played the map in the PUBG, in this map you will find normal bushes as compared to Sanhok not only that but you will get good weapons after landing on this map as well as night mode is also available in this map.

Miramar Map:

This map is full of so many mountains as well as fewer bushes you will see it’s very hard to survive in this map not only that but it would be difficult to get weapons while playing.

Sanhok map:

This map is full of greenery and mountains not only that but in this map you get easy weapons to fight but as you spend 5 minutes on this map you will face dynamic whether that means the map would be sometimes foggy and sometimes rainy now it depends on you what kind of environment you like, as the time passes you will get bored from the same map so that’s why PUBG developer has decided to introduced new map,

Vikendi map:

This map is about to be released, since you may not have seen the trailer of this new map, it has given some new features as well as new weapons and cars according to the developer of this game, he said that while you play on this map, you will not only face so many difficulties, but you will see snowfall around you when you kill enemies. When you walk on the ice, your footprints would remain there, and other enemies can trace you after spending 5 minutes on this map, you’ll see the sun falling and the night growing if you played this for 6 or 7 months.

We’re going to celebrate this Christmas with the new PUBG Snow map Snow Lobby, Night Map, New Vehicle and more, including the PUBG Snow map release date!

  • Talk about the name of the new PUBG Snow map, and let it be first called “Vikendi. ” We’re not sure where it came from or based on.
  • New Dihor Otok map will look like 8 € 8, but 6 € 6 means bigger than Sanhok and smaller than Miramar and Erangel.
  • New game mode Conquest New explosive comes to the new map called “C4. “

The highly anticipated Battlegrounds of the snow were uncovered and it is called Vikendi. The guide appeared on Thursday night with a trailer in the middle of the game awards.

The trailer flaunts a flying creature causing a blast, but gives us a few insights about the guide. Vikendi hopes to highlight gigantic snow measurements in addition to solidified streams and trees. Dave Curd from the PUBG Corp engineer.

He was involved in giving a few more subtleties, including how players would leave tracks in the snow and how the guide would incorporate no less than one new weapon and the new snowmobile.

Curd also points out that the guide is the first in PUBG to be six by six, making it right in the middle between the Sanhok and Erangel sizes. Vikendi discharges on PUBG’s test server today around evening time and will go live on Dec. 19, and in January it will be gone to supports.

Vikendi, the new snow-themed outline of PlayerUnknown ‘s Battleground, was finally uncovered with a true life trailer that was initially published in the Game Awards on Thursday night.

The guide, which is set in Eastern Europe, takes players to a snowy nation full of abandoned snow-covered urban areas. Vikendi is the first 6 km by 6 km of PUBG to delineate, it is easy in the middle

It is more than a size, however, which makes Vikendi exceptional. In addition, the guide includes natural risks such as solidified waterways and lakes, which can send players crazy with no chance of driving cautiously or timberland that is much denser and firmly pressed with trees than various maps. And after that, there’s obviously the snow that distorts players as they travel through it, making adversaries a completely new component of PUBG ‘s gameplay.

In no time before the uncover, Polygon spoke to Dave Curd, PUBG ‘s world manufacturer, about Vikendi, the interesting ongoing interaction of the guide and what exactly led to the perfect PUBG snow outline.

Polygon: Since PUBG’s release, fans have been excited about the idea of and asking for a snow map. What made you feel like this was the right time to actually make it?

Dave Curd:

From the very beginning, we knew that there was enthusiasm, but our test as amusement producers is to talk about why we make a guide, why this guide is unusual, why it would be a good idea for us to take up this undertaking. What would we don’t want to give that alternate maps? So towards the beginning of our exchanges, we began to look very starry at the following players and the sort of seeker who turned into the chased.

We thought this was a fun, ongoing arrogance of interaction that we had not yet found in our own maps. Snow appeared obviously good and good to execute.What’s more, from that point on we thought, well, we have a player base that really loves the kind of rise of the four by four Sanhok guide, and we have another player base that really belongs to the strategic deliberate pace you can see in Miramar or Erangel. So we started to think about it, okay, shouldn’t something be said about six by six? Can this be a sweet spot in the center? That was somewhat why this guide was made. We needed to investigate the ongoing interaction of stalkers and we needed to sort out any problems between these player bases.

Are there going to be features like footprints in the snow and stuff like that to help make that, that tracking happen?

Totally. We have impressions along these lines. We have vehicle prints and tracks clearly, and despite the inclination and kind of snake slitting, you spread some snow around. When the entries are open in PUBG, when the windows are broken, you know someone was there, but you don’t know when. So, if you see the tracks you realize you are warm, you realize that you have a spot over them, so that you can sort of settle on this fascinating decision. Do I pursue the tracks and maybe it’s a setup or maybe I’ll get them in the back or don’t fight, go the opposite way and get pillaged more and more, get ready for whenever.

PUBG Corp.

Yeah. Yeah. I always thought of PUBG as walking into a crime scene and trying to figure out exactly what happened and that sounds like it’s going to be a completely new element.

You know, we really feel that what separates our diversion is this kind of pressure in this swinging between survival and struggle. I think some fun is all activity and some diversions are all survival, and this kind of high stakes find that the stowaway is our sweet spot and we are really keen to see how the networks use the paths. Clearly chasing players is enormous, but I really expect a lot of a ton of spinning around a corner and then posting your gun and seeing who is tailing you. I think the snares are going to be really fun.

Was there anything early on with this map that you all or even you specifically looked at and said that we’re going to work on in the PUBG map?

Totally. Before the procedure was scheduled, we took a gander on solidified waterways and lakes and what a quick snowmobile on those surfaces might look like to a pilot. So you drive this extremely fast, dangerous, amazing thing over a solidified wilderness with angling sheds and old solidified watercraft and monster rocks. Moreover, it was only this great tendency Moreover, something else we wanted to try was the thickness of the woodland, you know, most of our maps are usually wild. All things considered, we really needed some substantial, overwhelming woodland to improve the interactivity of stalking-tracks-through – the snow with these labyrinths of substantial thick trees.

PUBG Corp.

The thing about the river is really interesting. I think PUBG players are probably already seeing rivers as some kind of natural barriers like crossing them is a big deal.

And it’s interesting you can translate this new map into something else. There is no doubt that it now looks like imagining a scenario where a waterway was the fastest parkway over the guide. We were satisfied with the kind of reversal attempt.

What’s New On new PUBG Vikendi Snow Map?


  • G36C only spawns for 5.56 mm ammo in Vikendi Chambered, it can load 30 bullets and 40 with an Extended Magazine G36C has a lower and upper rail for attachments, but it can not attach a stock


  • The Snowmobile only spawns in Vikendi It seats 2 players and performs much better than other vehicles on snow and ice, but on another terrain it is more difficult to drive.

#3: Replay Editor

  • Use your replay files to create dynamic video clips with creative camera angles and special effects. You can also create 3D paths for camera and camera angles and export clips.

#4: Redzone

  • The red zone center spawns outside the play area The smaller the play area, the smaller the red area

#5: Bluezone

  • The first circle of each game is much smaller than other maps, but the circle sizes of subsequent circles change less. This makes blue zone more varied and unique experiences easier. Similar strategies work for the first three phases on Vikendi to Erangel and Miramar, but the zones are closing slower starting in phase 4, similar to Sahnok. We believe that this results in a good balance between strategy and gunplay during each match.

#6: Item Spawn Balance

  • The total spawning rate is at a midpoint between our maps – offering a unique location between the Erangel and Sahnok spawning rates. Level 3 helmets spawn in the world Level 3 jackets spawn more often than other maps Smoke Grenades spawn at a higher rate than other jackets

#7: Snow Lobby

  • A snowing effect applied in the lobby
  • Changed the background music


  • The character animations used in the air have been improved. The movement of characters is much more fluid and improved to be more realistic.

Parachute System Overhaul

On 10 December, the updated parachuting system will be used on the test server.

  • Freefalling
    • LSHIFT now puts you in a full speed dive directly down to the ground. The speed is now much faster and has increased control, reactivity, and precision.
  • Parachuting

    • Added new freefall animations and increased overall control and response LSHIFT helps you drop faster and land faster. LCTRL allows you to glide when you want to travel a longer distance. You can now cut the parachute while still moving through the air relatively close to the ground. This can be used to get to your drop point more quickly, but be careful, because you can damage if you go too far.
    • Added new landing animations The speed at which you land, as landing too fast may force your character to roll or roll for a longer time before you can gain complete control of your movement Colliding with buildings or objects while parachuting automatically cuts your parachute. Be very careful! After landing, the parachute will no longer disappear.
  • Improved blood hit effects

    • Improved blood particle visuals when shooting players.
    • Blood effects visuals that appear on the screen when shot by other players have been improved.
  • The delay between single M16A4 shots is slightly increased
  • Players are now damaged by Molotovs who have hit their vehicles
    • Molotovs hitting the vehicle or driven by an already exploded Molotov won’t damage the insides.

Survival Title System (Season 2 Beta)

  • Changed Season 1 Beta Rank system to Beta Title System of Season 2.
  • For more information, please see the Dev Letter( the introduction of our new Beta Season 2 Title System) published on 5 December.

Other features

  • Players can throw snowballs in the starting area while they wait to board the plane
  • In snow or icy areas, vehicles are more slippery. Acceleration on icy ground is slow and you lose more general control of the vehicle as you accelerate
  • Footprints and tracks of vehicles appear when players travel in snow- covered areas. Maintain an eye out! These help to identify if enemies have recently passed
  • Keep in mind that footprints and snow tracks do not stay forever!
Any chances of night mode in PUBG winter map?

Gossipy tidbits have also meandered around that there will also be night mode like PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 update, which will be called the “climate night.”

What’s new Conquest game mode in New PUBG Snow Map?

Various Reddit customers have stated that in the Vikendi outline there will be a new Conquest amusement mode, you need to catch some zone of the guide, such as the Call Of Duty mastery diversion mode. You can see the picture below of the new Conquest mode.

New Parachuting System According to PUBG Corp.

Coming later on in the fix is an update to the parachuting framework, which allows you to coast or jump in the middle of freefall, improves activities and also gives you the opportunity to cut your chute before you hit the floor.

What is the release date of PUBG “Vikendi” Snow Map?

Today’s PUBG Vikendi Map release for PC test server and the final PUBG Vikendi Snop map release date is December 19, 2018 for PC. If you talk about the PUBG Vikendi Map for Xbox One and PS4, the PUBG Snow map will be released in January 2019 for Xbox One and PS4. Well, PUBG Vikendi Snow map release date for mobile will come with PUBG Mobile 0.10 update.

Exclusive Images of PUBG Snow Map “Vikendi” 

PUBG Snow Map Vikendi Images


This was the most awaited PUBG Vikendi Snow map. What more would you like to see on the next PUBG Map? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comment section if you have something to share. One thing more, we forgot to say that the PUBG snow map will contain more new winter or Christmas costume and skin.


  • Vikendi map part of PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 update
  • Will release December 20
  • Available in beta on Monday

The portable variant of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will supposedly get the exceptionally anticipated snow landscape to delineate on December 20, as per spilled fix notes gotten by various sites. The guide will initially be available to Android and iOS beta customers starting on Monday for just one day.

On Friday, XDA Developers and Beebom’s preferences claimed that they had received fixed notes for PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 refresh, which revealed that the Vikendi guide would be live at 5:30 am IST (12:00 am UTC) on 20 December and would be available 24 hours after the event.

On Monday, the PUBG designer reported on the legitimate Discord channel of entertainment that the Vikendi guide would be released at the beta starting at 1:30 pm IST (8 am UTC) on Monday 10 December. It can be accessed in the beta for 24 hours.

The Vikendi delineate has been available on PC public test servers a week ago and PS4 and Xbox One are expected to continue soon.

In addition, the refreshment will also bring another selective snowmobile vehicle to the Vikendi outline, a highlight of the snowball battle for Spawn Island Vikendi.

In the past, the PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 refresh guide has changed significantly: cross-server matching. When you turn it on, you are coordinated with players of a similar level on different servers, which should help to reduce hold times but can affect the execution of the device.

Arabic also joins the rundown of upheld dialects with the refresh, while players can also collect the refresh every day immediately starting with PUBG Mobile 0.10.0. Here are the complete fix notes by XDA:

New Map and In-diversion changes:

Downloadable at 0:00 UTC on 20 DEC 2018 and accessible for matchmaking 24 hours after the fact New climate mode included: Snow Vikendi- selective vehicle: Snowmobile Snowball Fight added to Vikendi ‘s Spawn Island Design included for players with large hands

A showcase for the winners of the Crew Challenge in Erangel ‘s Spawn Island was included.

Season 1’s triumphant groups will show their particular server and modes on Spawn Island (Season 2 registration begins at 0:00 UTC on 18 DEC 2018). The best results of the players in the Crew Challenge are currently available on their crew pages and can be distributed to different players.

Thematic Changes:

  • A Snow theme has been added to the main menu. Collect bells from all classic mode matches and exchange them in the event center for rewards
  • The front page of the shop was tuned to highlight the themes of every major update

Matchmaking Changes:

  • Cross- server matchmaking has been added. After enabling, players will have the opportunity to match players of the same level on other servers.
  • Players who repeatedly exit matches immediately after starting are now prohibited from matches for a certain period of time.

Security Improvements:

  • Players can now report suspicious behavior after they die.

Reward Improvements:

  • Players can now receive all daily awards at once.
  • Added Firearms Finish Upgrade System, where players can use laboratory materials to upgrade certain gun finishes to obtain additional killing effects, unique killing broadcasts and death card appearances.
  • Added Lucky Treasure, a feature that gives players the opportunity to finish upgradable glacier– M416 when they complete their daily missions.
  • Season expenditure rewards have been added. Spend various amounts to obtain excellent rewards and steep discounts on firearms.

Other Improvements:

  • Arabic support has been added
  • Players don’t have to choose a second language for matching and chatting
  • Now the chat system uses less memory and stores more messages
  • Quick Chat added new commands



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