Pubg mobile tips

Pubg mobile tips

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks:


Diversion Settings

Landing Spots

Situating in the Final Moments

Random PUBG Tricks

Diversion Settings

Before getting into a diversion, there are two or three settings you should twofold check, and modify keeping in mind the end goal to show signs of improved execution and to make it less demanding to score slaughters.

1. Select Third Person View or First Person View

Pick between third individual view and first individual view. PUBG Mobile’s most recent refresh has brought the capacity for players to pick between first individual view and third individual view. Before you begin the amusement, you can tap on the drop-down menu that peruses ‘TPP’ and pick between ‘TPP’ (third individual), or ‘FPP’ (first individual).

2. Alter Graphics Quality

Alter the illustrations quality as per your telephone’s capacities. PUBG Mobile does this naturally, yet in the event that you have an inclination that your amusement is slacking or dropping edges, you can bring down it further, and the other way around. A higher designs quality setting will make it simpler to spot different adversaries, yet in the event that your telephone begins slacking or dropping edge, make the exchange off and decide on a higher edge rate.

3. Turn on Peek and Fire

In Settings (the settings machine gear-piece on the upper right), go to Basic. Here, turn on ‘Look and Fire.’ This enables you to look from behind cover, enabling you to take shots without uncovering excessively of yourself. Remember, regardless you’ll uncover your head, so utilize it with the alert.

4. Check if Aim Assist is On

Watch that ‘Point Assist’ is turned on for less demanding pointing. Point help is required on a touchscreen telephone (for the most part) on the grounds that pointing on a touchscreen isn’t so exact as pointing with a mouse may be. A spot-on point will enable you to take out adversaries speedier and will likewise help in close-quarter-gunfights.

5. Empower The Left Side Fire Button

In Settings – > Basic, empower the ‘left-side fire’ catch to effortlessly shoot with the left hand while pointing with the right. This is exceptionally convenient in perused shots. Without the left-side fire catch, you’ll wind up pointing and shooting with a similar hand, which, trust me, is extremely troublesome.

6. Empower Auto-open Doors


Likewise inside Settings – > Basic empower ‘Auto open ways’ to rapidly get inside structures without having to always tap the entryway catch. Do take note of that you’ll need to tap the catch to close the entryway.

7. Change the Size and Position of Controls:

Make a beeline for Settings – > Controls – > Customize, and change the size and position of controls as indicated by your requirements. For instance, I’ve influenced the explosive to catch somewhat bigger to make it less demanding to tap, and I’ve moved the left side fire catch to where my left-thumb normally lands, so I can shoot significantly quicker.

8. Turn on Auto-change Graphics

In Settings – > Graphics, you can likewise turn on ‘Auto modify illustrations’ to guarantee a predictable casing rate while playing. This fundamentally implies if your telephone begins once again warming, or if the battery gets low, PUBG Mobile will consequently alter the quality of the design to make up for it.

Landing Spots

Picking the ideal arrival spot is essential. The decision of landing spot will rely upon whether you’re OK with gunfights and are hoping to get the best plunder, or whether you’re anticipating playing stealthily, and meet fewer players.

1. Most plunder, Most rivalry:

  • Military Base (South of the map)
  • Prison (East edge of the map)
  • Mansion (Just above the Prison)
  • Mylta Power (South-east of the Prison)

2. More plunder, Lower rivalry:

School (Middle of the guide, however frequently perilous)



Severny (North of the guide)




Pochinki (Middle of the guide)


3. Respectable plunder, no opposition

Fortifications close ‘Safehouse’ — my undisputed top choice place to arrive.

Situating In the Final Moments

When you’re close to that chicken supper, the circle is generally quite little, and one error could send you back to the entryway.

1. Play on the Edge

In the event that you have a 4x or 8x scope, position yourself on the edge of the play zone where the blue circle is the closest to the white. This will give you an entire perspective of the play zone, while tremendously decreasing the odds that a player may dig out from a deficit you.

2. Shoot to Kill

On the off chance that you spot somebody and they haven’t spotted you, just take the shot if a slaughter is ensured, else you’ll simply wind up giving without end your position. Since you’ve spotted them, you have sufficient time to take the ideal shot — go for the head, and shoot in blasts until the point when the player is dead.

3. Try not to Go in Guns Blazing

In the event that exclusive two other individuals are left alive, keep covered up and let them battle it out, and after that murder the staying one player.

Different PUBG Tricks

1. Quiet Annoying Team-mates

Except if you’re playing with your companions, the squad mode will regularly match you up with individuals where no less than one of them is an irritating prick always singing and shouting into their mic. With the most recent PUBG Mobile refresh, you can quiet individual colleagues by tapping on the speaker-symbol. This will open up a menu with all your partners’ names on it, basically tap on the speaker symbol by the colleague you need to quiet and that is it. Presently center around the amusement.

2. Cover up Inside Vehicles

Sitting in the co-driver seat of a vehicle keeps it off, enabling you to cover up inside without cautioning different players to your quality. Regardless they’ll have the capacity to see you, however except if you stopped your vehicle amidst the desert, there’s no explanation behind most players to presume that a player might sit inside a vehicle and not drive it.

3. Glance Around without Moving

You can hole up behind corners and utilize the ‘eye-catch’ to check out the corner without uncovering yourself. This is a convenient trap that can enable you to spot foes without giving them a chance to spot you.

4.Heal Like a Pro

While mending, you can move for 0.5 seconds without dropping the activity. At the point when in a rush, begin moving when there are 0.5 seconds of the mend left, giving you a headstart. This proves to be useful when the circle is quitting for the day you and you have to run rapidly, or when you’re taking a short recuperating break amidst a firefight.

5. Utilize Energy Drinks and Painkillers

Caffeinated beverages and painkillers auto-mend you for a span of time and furthermore give you a speed-support, so utilize them regularly and as required. Most mending hardware like gauzes and wellbeing packs won’t recuperate you past 75%. Just the med-unit can mend you up to 100% and that is exceptionally uncommon. Caffeinated beverages and painkillers set aside their opportunity to mend you, yet they’ll take you up to 100% to ensure you utilize them frequently.

6. Try not to Stay Still, You’ll be a Sitting Duck

Remaining still too long will make you obvious targets for a rifleman; dependably continue moving, and seek shelter at whatever point you have to stop. The battleground in PUBG dependably has a bundle of players with expert marksmen, and a great deal of these players are adequate to take you out with a solitary head-shot. So continue moving.

Utilize These PUBG Mobile Tricks and Score Some Chicken Dinners

All things considered, those were 20 PUBG Mobile tips and traps that should help you on your approach to turning into an amazing PUBG Mobile player. Utilize these traps keeping in mind the end goal to show signs of improvement plunder, locate the ideal PUBG landing spots, and get by till the specific end and get that chicken supper. On the off chance that you go over some more PUBG traps that you figure we ought to incorporate here, let us know in the remarks segment underneath.

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