Premium Unlocked AdGuard VPN APK 1.1.0

To clean up annoying advertising and access the internet via private networks, download AdGuard VPN MOD APK (Premium Unlocked).
Many individuals need to use applications that secure their internet access for some purpose. Often your privacy is important to be secured when you need to use a link when using a cafe’s wi-fi. Or sometimes you want to access foreign websites in your country that have been blocked; a VPN application is needed. The most recommended product which allows users to get a lot of convenient tools is AdGuard VPN.


A free tool from trusted practitioners

An extremely reliable ad-block framework has been published by Publisher AdGuard Software Limited and has received positive reviews from users. They have begun to launch a VPN tool so far and have earned excellent support. It is a fully free program that lets you securely access the Internet.

This is the ideal choice for those who don’t have too much money to spend on a paid app. In addition, it looks very user-friendly and easy to use. In order to completely master it, you only need to get acquainted within 5 minutes, the first step for you to automatically run the application.

To allow the application to run, users only need to manipulate tasks. You just need to click everything in the next operation to be able to trigger it.


Introducing AdGuard VPN

AdGuard VPN is developed by Software AdGuard. This program will help you block irritating video ads while building a private internet to make it safer for you to access the internet.

VNP applications are very common at present., ExpressVPN, InternetGuard, or Panda VPN Pro are some common applications that I introduced earlier. They do not, however, have an ad-blocking feature, so they often do not meet users’ needs. To fill that void, AdGuard VPN was born, and this article will provide an overview of the application. Please track and think before downloading.


Get more safe access to the Internet

Today, as the Internet has become widespread, from shopping centers, schools, offices, and convenience stores, hotspots are now built everywhere. These networks are not really stable, however. The VPN was designed to give users more peace of mind when using public networks for this purpose.

AdGuard VPN hides the IP address of the user when they make the connection, by building a private tunnel in the network. It would not be possible for hackers or bad guys to detect, threaten or steal information.

A lot of people have often asked how well AdGuard VPN is disguised? Once, AdGuard Software replied that a separate protocol was developed, disguised as regular traffic to exchange information between two network ends. Hence, if anyone tries to catch the packet and intercept the transmission, it would be a huge challenge.


Discover some material that is restricted

Currently, content restriction policies are being enforced by many nations and regions worldwide. People whose IP addresses are different from those given by carriers in the region will be prevented and all restricted content will be hidden simultaneously. Again, VPN is useful, as it hides the real IP address of the user to circumvent the barrier.

Any content or the country of the user blocks content from one country to the next. China blocks Facebook, Viet Nam blocks 18+ content, for instance. For users to access all that content, AdGuard VPN is the key.


High speed on the Internet

Speed is something users have to trade-off in the process of using a VPN service if they want to get more content. Due to its network of servers located on 5 continents spanning 16 countries, from Australia, the USA, Spain, the Netherlands, Singapore to India, AdGuard VPN outperforms other VPN applications. Thanks to that, the user’s internet surfing speed is greatly enhanced.


No more irritating advertising

Compared to its rival VPN services, AdGuard VPN has two useful features: VPN information sharing protocol and adblocking. I have stated above with regard to the protocol. As for ad blocking, you’ll have to install an extension or a third-party app if you’re not using AdGuard VPN. As can be seen, this is very easy.

The program prevents all files from attempting to read cookies, history, or data in the memory of the user’s computer. At the same time, Javascript files are often prohibited from containing advertisements. Although keeping personal details private from third parties, you will not be bothered. Also, all history will be erased when you exit the program when browsing the internet with AdGuard VPN.

Actually, this is a private network, leaving no trace.



By default, it will function with all games, applications, and browsers on your computer when you launch AdGuard VPN. In the ‘Apps Settings’ portion, however, you can change this. When it comes to being able to define which programs can directly use the VPN, this is very useful. An example is that when playing PUBG Mobile, I always turn off VPN so that I can match regional matches. It helps me reduce delay, and it makes it easier for me to connect.


Version MOD APK of AdGuard VPN

Function of MOD

Premium Unlocked: It has unlocked premium features and areas.


How to Use VPN MOD for AdGuard

Use any email after downloading AdGuard VPN MOD to register and use the application’s service fully free of charge.


AdGuard VPN MOD APK download for Android

A VPN software for mobile devices isn’t difficult to locate. But an app like AdGuard VPN with decent support, ad-blocking, and totally free isn’t much. Now you have a better understanding of what AdGuard VPN can do from this post. Please download and try it.