Phocus Portrait Mode Editor v15.0.1 [Paid] [Latest]

Phocus : Portrait Mode & Portrait Lighting Editor

Phocus Portrait Mode Editor;

Phocus helps you edit the backgrounds of your images in a unique manner. It adds field depth to the subject by automatically blurring the reference.

The simple design will give you what you’re looking for with the advanced face-body recognition technology that we use in the background.


Simply add your photo to Phocus and tap the magic wand for an automatic blur background.

The intellect of the Phocus device works to achieve perfect acceptance. # Phocus Portrait Style


You don’t want to give to your images a more esthetic feeling? The burst of color is for you. Get cool pictures of backdrop grayscale.

# Colorsplash Focus


Are you not sick of filters that are heavy and shallow? Phocus: Color Blend offers excellent filtering. Choose the color you want and use the color to filter that image. Use this when the background is blurred, if you want. You’re going to be fantastic in the foreground!
# phocuscolorblend