Pascal’s Wager APK 0.5.0

Pascal’s Wager:

Pascal’s Wager APK is an Android game you can not miss if you are a fan of the Dark Souls game series. Via the link below the post, you can download the game for free.

Did you ever picture a planet with no sun at all? In Pascal’s Wager, the latest action game published by Giant Global, that happened. It is expected that the game would cause players to forget the Dark Soul momentarily. After the success of the Xbox, PS4 and the most recent version for iOS, the Android version of this game was finally released.

Pascal’s Wager is highly praised for its exceptionally detailed and profound plot that lasts nearly 20 hours, compared to other role-playing games of the same genre. Numerous NPCs, lighting effects and the voice of the narrator can lead you on an endless adventure.

The Wager of Pascal is about Colossus, the Gods who offer light to everything. They appeared when the sun fell, according to legend, bringing everlasting darkness to the kingdom as a whole. Colossus is emitting light, clearing the Night’s Mist and leading people to discover the land of light. People must pursue the Colossus to live in the world of darkness. They are thus called The Gods of Walking.

The Colossus, however, like the sun, also eventually fell mysteriously. He lost his beloved wife to a postman named Terrence. Believing that the missing wife was involved in the fall of the Colossi, Terrence set out to explore the mysteries of this planet by looking for the missing wife.

The graphics portion of Pascal’s Wager is difficult to overlook. It simulates a dark, cold and barren environment in a truly amazing way, with detailed 3D graphics. Overall, with the picture of the Android edition, Giant Global has done a fantastic job. While some effects do not really fit, overall, there are still some special charms in the game that you can find only at Pascal’s Wager.

Everyone is simulated in detail and realistic about the setting, characters, monsters. In every move and viewpoint of the character, you are engulfed in a world of obscurity, adventure. Besides, in keeping with the pace of the game, you can enjoy the cut scenes with great angles.

It’s undeniable that the publisher has done very well with respect to the soundtrack. Sound is also a component that makes the cold and gloomy increase the game. It leads players in various regions and stories to feel emotions, helping players feel excited, curious, and excited about not knowing what will happen next.

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