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Do you have two instant message application accounts, tired of logging in and out of your dual account to receive double messages? Do you have double game accounts, want to keep them online for dual function and double experiences at the same time? Do you have two social network accounts, want to separate your work and personal life, double your entertainment time? As one of Android’s top-ranked tools, Parallel Space helps more than 90 million users connect via the virtual system to multiple online accounts simultaneously on the same device. The Parallel Space Lite will also deliver faster performance to simulate your dual account through a virtual high-speed system.

Parallel Space supports 24 languages and is compatible with most instant messaging applications, game applications, and social networking applications. Get Parallel Space to manage multiple accounts immediately, protect privacy, and enjoy your dual app’s fun twice. Login to your Double Instant Message Apps, Double Game Apps and Double Social Networking Apps • Easy virtual system balance between your life and work. • Double and double game accounts enjoy the fun. • The Parallel Space dual account supports almost all instant message apps, game apps and social networking apps. There will be no interference between the data from both accounts.

• Switch quickly between single-tap dual accounts

• Run two accounts on the virtual system simultaneously and switch quickly with one-tap to manage your dual accounts effectively. Tips • If you simultaneously use the Parallel Space and the Parallel Space Lite, you can achieve that by running more than 2 accounts at the same time:)


• Permissions: Parallel Space must apply for the permissions required for normal functioning by the apps added to Parallel Space. For example, if Parallel Space is not allowed to acquire your location, in some applications running in Parallel Space, you will not be able to send your location to your friends. In order to protect privacy, Parallel Space does not collect your personal information.

• Consumptions: Parallel space does not take up too much of the memory, battery and data that the apps running inside actually consume. You can view the details in’ Storage’ and’ Task Manager,’ which can be found in Parallel Space in’ Settings.’

• Notifications: To ensure that notification of some social networking apps works well, add Parallel Space to the whitelist or exceptional list of some’ boost apps.’


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