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Panographic Photo

Pornographic Photo;

Photography is the visual art form of taking and arranging several pictures in order to match like a patchwork

Traditionally, artists would spend many tedious hours collecting multiple prints of a single subject (or scene) and then arranging them carefully into a pantograph. Pantographic photography makes it easy for you. Try to create an abstract selfie on a picture of yourself, or use it for eye-catching scenery on your favorite landscape— and have fun in the process!

Pornographic Photo comes with a one-touch preset library to get you started, and a randomizing button to generate a variety of pornography by pushing it over and over to get something fabulous. Then every composition can be customized by moving, rotating and scaling the photo tiles— the sky is the limit of what can be done!

Pornographic Photo comes with just enough creative options to make your compositions unique:

– Tile Shift button to automatically move tiles in different quantities – Rotation Shift button to automatically rotate tiles in different quantities – Image Shift button to automatically rotate tiles in different quantities – Size Shift button automatically randomizes tiles in different sizes

– Exposure to change the amount of light in the photo tiles – Edge to adjust dark, light or even color to the edges of the tiles for an artistic effect – Curl to bend the corners of the tiles and create variable shadows – Color to add different amounts of color to the photo.

– Background Style puts a paint, paper or original image under the written panograph – Lighting Tab can adjust the light intensity of the surface of the tile and the power, height, and softness of the tile.


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