Otherworld Legends MOD [APK 1.5.1] All Charecters Unlock

Otherworld Legends


The Otherworld Legends MOD version of techi was published (Unlimited Money, Unlocked). To uncover and destroy the illusory world of evil Asurendra, download the game.



Overview information



Package                   techiapkworld.com

Publisher                  ChillyRoom

Category                   Action

Version                      1.5.1

Size                           123M

MOD Features          Unlimited Unlocked

Requires Android     5.0


Present the stories of the otherworld


ChillyRoom is a 16-bit action games publisher. Soul Knight was the first presentation that premiered at the beginning of 2017. Three years later, a new product called Otherworld Legends was continued by ChillyRoom. The game has officially begun at the moment. Many players witnessed it and left positive feedback. The Otherworld Legends tale starts with the event that the villain Asurendra constructs a world of illusion. He used his power right away to summon all of the heroes gathered here from time and space. Everywhere are arranged deadly traps, monsters. And behind this all lies a plot dominating the dimensions of Asurendra immediately following the defeat of the heroes. You are a hero, you will soon know the violent conspiracy. Together with other heroes, you have to stop!



Soul Knight’s gameplay is very similar in Otherworld Stories. You control your character, you go down paths and dungeons to overthrow hordes of monsters. The bosses will appear overtime at the end of each level. You will go to the next level to conquer them and take another step out of the illustrious world of evil Asurendra.
Naturally, this is going to be the general phase of the game.

However, with each level, the difficulty increases progressively. In the meantime, traps and supernatural forces will arise to strikeInjuring him, character and. You’ll have to do much to save your lives, pick characters for each level, boost strength or replace more powerful weapons. Finally, on the task series. No too many NPCs as Soul Knight have Otherworld Stories, But a system of simple missions is set up with the game, closely related to the story. You only explore the content and every time you finish it you get rewards. Curiously, right?


Characters in Otherworld Legends are a part of the battle. They come from various space and time scales, so their talents are truly special and rich. The collection consists of warriors, kings, mages, archers, magic masters. Magic masters.

You should learn each character’s strengths, then pick characters that can combat at each level.’Though I don’t recall the names of every character my favorite guerrilla types are the archers and mages. You can attack from a distance and travel quickly. They are different, powerful, and have the most rapid damage. Ninja and warriors are different. Soon, when you battle an army of monsters.


Otherworld Legends has more than ninety different forms, according to figures, of items that can be gathered and equipped.

It may be armor, weapons, or pieces of material. The weapon system is very rich from what I experience. There are many styles, blind gloves, Booms, swords, arrows, to the bit of the boiler. This isn’t it, though, as the game also enables you to combine new weapons with greater characteristics and special skills.

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