Night of the Full Moon Data for Android + (Full) Apk

Night of the Full Moon :

“Full Moon Night” is a stand-alone game of cards. There is no required guide for beginners, no link to the internet, no brush map, no ten strokes. In the card fight, a plot will be played. A job and a spirit are given to each NPC and Supervisor. Various options will carry various endings.


Little Red Riding Hood went alone to the Black Forest, where it was still dark and night, in order to locate the lost grandma. The protector of the forest elves, the ferocious werewolf, the sedentary witch, the mysterious villagers, and the slowly unfolding reality are about to face her. The enigmatic curtain of the Black Forest will be revealed one at a time on the night of the full moon.


  •  Mild strategy turn-based card battle
  •  Five occupations, more than 400 cards free to match
  •  Ninety-two mysterious opponents await your challenge
  •  Randomly trigger unknown events during the adventure
  •  Multiple plot options that affect your reputation and courage


We still remember the beginning of the heart, as Little Red Riding Hood as brave and warm, ready for adulthood. Never give my heart up, no matter how dark the path forward, so that you can eventually pursue the sun. Reunite with your grandmother on the night of the full moon. For the illumination of the candles of the years, for a Happy Ending…