Neptune Camera v1.0.0 (Paid) [Latest]

Neptune Camera

Neptune Camera;

Neptune Camera: Nice version of Collab.

Due to the collaboration of different photographers and photographers who contributed creative ideas for the design of each filter, our application is a full-function simulation of different tonal ranges.

Inspired by The Revenant, film x @bbrmint

Filter 2: Inspired by Fargo, film x @bbrmint

Filter 3: Soft Orange and teal x @ sueyras21

Filter 4: Gold and teal x @ sueyras21

Filter 5: Inspired by @alexgowon x @ Cristiano 027

Filter 6: Inspired by C-4 (vsco) x @ Cristiano 027

Filter 7: Kodak Portra 400 x @mariajosgutierrez

Filter 8: Kodak Gold 100 x @mariajosgutierrez

Filter 9: Custom x @lucho.medinaf

Filter 10: Heavy orange and teal x @lucho.medinaf

Filter 11: Inspired by Dog 3 (vsco) x @ 1988nero

Filter 12: Inspired by Hb2 with warmer tones x @ 1988nero

10 grain emulating video, dust, textures and light leaks.