mod apk 9mm

mod apk 9mm:

While it was published some years ago, back in 2011, this title has not been forgotten by many 9mm players and they still want to continue playing this great action game created by Gameloft.

A storey mode and a deathmatch online
It’s a third-person game that places us in the shoes of John Kannon, the leader of a police special ops team who, in his operations, is constantly on the verge of lawfulness trying to avoid all the bad guys that are loose around town.

However, after killing his brother during a mission, his team will be attacked by one of the local drug lords and they will have to try to survive by killing him and his gang, even if that means using unofficial police tactics.

The plot isn’t too original, but among many gamers, its style is very popular halfway between Max Payne and GTA, and Gameloft is aware of this fact. The user can also engage in multiplayer death matches, team combats or play the single-player mode apart from the main storyline.