mod apk 1234 player

mod apk 1234 player:

Duel your friends with easy one-touch controls in a range of 4-player minigames! For multiplayer action on the lane, play on the same platform simultaneously, wherever you are.

You can play with two players, but you can fight it out with three or four players when you have more friends or family around you.
The Four Player Cup can also be played to decide who is the best!

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Twenty Minigames to Enjoy
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Arena Snake

Grow your snake by eating stars, but be careful that your head doesn’t hit the body of your opponent.

Try to corner the rival to be the last one in the arena to stand!


Racing Skateboard

To hit the finishline, press as quickly as you can.


Fight of Tanks

Duel with one another on the battlefield. What shooter is the best?

Pick up the Fish
Check your timing skills and be the first goldfish to catch 3!

Challenge Soccer

Who in one-touch soccer has the soccer skills to score a goal?


Wrestling Sumo

In the sumo wrestling ring, battle the rival. Don’t get the line pushed over!


The Run of Chicken

Use gravity to prevent sliding off the platforms.