Live Lounge App v8.2.0 MOD [Latest]


Live Lounge APK

Live Lounge;

Live Lounge is just like the screen, the perfect way to enjoy all the movies, TV shows and live events.

Live Lounge is an app that contains the full collection of TV shows and movies. Read below to learn more about its features:

It has all the channels from the world’s different countries.

You can watch any film like romance, animation or documentary by searching by the title and the name of the artist.

Watch as many TV shows as you like, such as comedy, reality shows, quiz shows and many other TV shows.

There’s a lot of channels like children, music, media, etc.

You can watch videos and download free of charge.

It has a lovely interface that will give you more pleasure in using it.

You can even see live events taking place all over the world.