Juventus Kit 2019-20 For Dream League Soccer 2019

Juventus Kit 2019-20 For Dream League Soccer 2019

There is the latest kit of Juventus Kit 2019-20 For Dream League Soccer 2019 for a world cup. with the huge amount of finishing packs also, with there three kits home away and third. as well as consider Goalkeeper kits.
You can also use it in First touch soccer 2015.

How to download these kits in your game. copy the link above the kit image which one you want to download.go to My Club> Customize Team > Edit Kit > Download and paste the URL here.

if you facing any kind of issue in downloading mention in the comment section otherwise you contact with admin as well without any hesitation from Gmail account Zali5120@gmail.com

watch this video how to download kits

Juventus Home Kits

Copy Kit URL: https://ristechy.com/storage/2019/05/juventus-kits-2019-2020-dream-league-soccer-New.png

Second Version Home Kit (19/20)

Copy Kit URL: https://ristechy.com/storage/2019/06/Juventus-Second-Home-Kit-Dream-League-Soccer.png

Juventus Home Kit Second Version 19/20 DLS

Juventus Away Kit (19/20)

Copy Kit URL: https://ristechy.com/storage/2019/05/Juventus-Away-Kit-Dream-League-Soccer-19-20.png

Juventus Away DLS Kit 19/20

Juventus Third Kit (19/20)

Copy Kit URL: https://ristechy.com/storage/2019/05/Juventus-Third-Kit-Dream-League-Soccer.png

Juventus Third Kit DLS 19/20

Juventus Goal Keepper Kits – Home (19/20)

Copy Kit URL: https://ristechy.com/storage/2019/05/Juventus-Goal-Keeper-Home-kit-Dream-League-Soccer.png

Juventus Goal Keepper Kit 19/20 Dream League Soccer

Juventus Goal Keeper Away Kits (19/20)

Copy Kit URL: https://ristechy.com/storage/2019/05/Juventus-Goal-Keeper-Away-Kit-Dream-League-Soccer.png

Juventus GoalKeeper Away Kit 19/20 Dream League Soccer

Juventus Goal Keepper UCL Kit – Home

Copy Kit URL: https://ristechy.com/storage/2018/11/juventus-kits-2018-19-DLS-goalkeeper-home-ucl.png

Juventus UCL 2018- 2019 UCL Home kit

Juventus UCL Badge Kit – Away

Copy Kit URL: https://ristechy.com/storage/2018/11/juventus-kits-2018-19-DLS-goalkeeper-away-ucl.png

Juventus kits ucl badge away 2018 - 2019

Juventus Logo

Juventus logo for dream league soccer 2019

Copy Logo URL: https://ristechy.com/storage/2018/11/juventus-logo-DLS.png

Juventus Logo Dream League Soccer