Hydro Coach PRO – Drink Water v4.2.7-pro [Paid] [Latest]


Hydro Coach PRO;

Drinking water on a regular basis is a major challenge to inday life. Hands up–who drinks enough water on a daily basis? Hydro Coach will help you calculate how much water you’ve been drinking, track what you’ve been drinking, and gently remind you when you’re still drinking. It’s time to release the water’s power to improve your safety. Because your health is worth it!

PRO features:

* Diary is unlimited.

* Monthly extra statistics and daily unrestricted statistics.

* More widgets (e.g. 1×1 widget for fast drink inputs).

* Use hydration factors to define how well drinks are hydrating ordehydrating

* Fast and easy intake from each notification.

* Export your drink history intor a CSV file.

* No ads.

Benefits of drinking water for your health:

* No ads.

* It’s an effective method for reducing tension and tiredness

* Drinking enough water will clear up your skin

* Drinking enough water in a couple of days will improve your health

* The weight loss and the foundation of any medical diet is advantageous

* Further water consumption will relieve headaches

Key features:

* Improve your health with notifications of personal drinks

* Keep your water balance perfectly monitored through a simple journal.

* Get a visual insight into your weekly and monthly water drinking habits Statistical data

* Practical widgets provide the water intake with clear information

* Easily create custom volumes of drinks

* Supports imperial (fl. oz.) and metric (ml) units

k* Share with your mates your water consumption

* Direct water input via android wear

k* Google account synchronization

k* Direct water input via android wear

* Google account synchronization