Hundred Soul APK 3.11.0

Hundred Soul


Dragon Nest is one of mobile’s best positions. You also learned about the publisher Hound 13 if you ever played the Dragon Nest. Hundred Soul APK, a traditional rolespiel for mobile devices and tablets has recently been released.

At the moment, there’s no official version of the game for iOS yet, so you can download Google Play games. The Beta game is published in 13 countries and will soon be available for all players around the world.



The game is expected to be one of the leading games for role-playing 2018 following the impressive images shown at the Unité Creation Conference, launching at COEX Grand Ballroom and the Unite Seoul 2017 Korea Auditorium. In reality, the first game to appear at United LA was Project 10 in 2016 but was subsequently renamed Hundred Soul.




Hundred Soul has seen the first pictures showing viewers in every detail the lovely visual quality. With advanced unit graphics, each picture of the game is very realistic, not less than a PC or Console role-plays game. All you see before your eyes when you step into the game is a massive, glorious world which you can only see in fantasy films.



The game’s impact is also extremely impressive, maybe this is one of the highlights of Korea’s role play games. Flexibly switch the characters. Often you can leap up, kill your enemies in the air, or plunge your sword into massive monsters. The game also offers players a camera adjustment feature that allows you to alter the character view. All deliver the best mobile picture experience.

We can easily detect some parallels in gameplay between Hundred Soul and Dragon Nest. It’s not too much that the players have to worry about, everything that is controlled by an opponent in the game, change and derail. If you fight, you can find and take advantage of the weaknesses of the giant monsters to quickly complete them. The controls for the game are really easy since they give you a full room for the pictures.



The enemies of the game often appear with fast-paced gameplays, so you need to fight continuously. Don’t be scared, Don’t be scared, Play your sword and teach them a lesson to meet the waiting enemies. You get combo points, which increase your damage in a short time each time you hit the right attack constantly.

Of course, Hundred Soul allows you to control two characters, but only one character can control them at the same time. The other character automatically fights against the enemy when you control a character. You can constantly alter unlimited characters. In certain instances, this is particularly useful when your character awaits a cooldown. The two characters are combined to generate invincible power.