Hearts of Heroes Z Day APK

Today, I’m going to introduce you to Z Day: Hearts of Heroes, the new real-time strategy game from KingsGroup Holdings. Today is Z Day. There will be no more rules. Don’t put it off any longer; get your adrenaline flowing and ACT as a hero in this never-ending fight! Prepare to fight as a Leader on the battlefield and face the many faces of death with tactics in a hero-filled survival MMO!



About Z Day: Heroes’ Hearts

Many strategy games have been very popular on this topic, so war games are not new to gamers. Here are some user feedback and instructions on how to get this game on your computer. The conflict in this totally free strategy game is between robots and zombies, not between humans and humans.


Defeat the zombies

If you’ve ever seen the film World War Z, you’ll know Z Day’s story. The Second World War has been raging for years and shows no signs of ending anytime soon. As a result, the science of human engineering is rapidly progressing, with the ability to build cloned military powers known as Super Soldiers and aerial war machines known as Destroyers.

Humans had the chance to put an end to the fighting, but they made a mistake. Allied powers have set off a massive explosion that releases gas, killing many people and turning them into zombies. The animals have become enormous and vicious.

The entire world is in turmoil, and you must lead your forces to survive and battle all external threats while establishing a new world order.


Build your castle

The first step in Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is to build solid training and development facilities for your army. Initially, the region was nothing more than a war-ravaged wasteland, but as weapons factories, nuclear plants, and training camps were established, the area became a sanctuary for the world’s most powerful army.

Wait about 3 seconds after touching the vacant land and then choosing a building to have a beautiful building. Furthermore, you must consider manipulating the wealth in order to obtain gold and a variety of other items for the army and its entire territory.



This game also gives you the option of making your own fighting machines. The Destroyers are actually the most powerful planes, but you can still beat them with weaker planes.


Educating the army

You must have a large army to defend the nation from The Commandant and Storm The Bastion when you have enough strength. Forest giants like wolves and bears might put your kingdom in jeopardy, but they also carry a lot of resources. To get a lot of gold, you can use your army to destroy them every day.

Tanks, helicopters, paratroopers, marines, and other forms of troops are eligible for you to choose from. Each squad alignment brings a different tactic to the table when acting as a leader. It also alters your approach to the game. Today is Z Day.

Hearts of Heroes has fairly complex gameplay and a lot of stuff to consider, but in exchange, the game includes detailed guides and a simple, intuitive interface to assist you in becoming a master.



As compared to a strategy game like Clash Royale, Z Day: Hearts of Heroes has good 3D graphics. The castle, the battle, all of it was simulated as if it were happening in real life.




You’ll enter a vast, glorious world filled with majestic castles and cutting-edge fighting machines. However, if you have to go through the forest to fight, your army will step on the treetops, which is very irrational.


For Android, get Z Day: Hearts of Heroes APK

Overall, I think the game’s gameplay and features are good, but the visuals could be better. Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is still a strategy game worth playing this year, despite its flaws.