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To experience the fascinating tales, download “Fictif”: Select Your Own Story MOD APK, and you can choose Premium Choices for free. Nix Hydra has released FictIf, a new simulation RPG. It’s a traditional romantic simulation, but there are many stories and a lot of paths to take. If you let it, the story can become very complicated, but in the end, you can play as you like. Our FictIf MOD APK will grant you access to a variety of premium options in the game.



Fiction: Create Your Own Story is a game that allows you to create your own story
The visual novel games take you on a journey of emotions. You have the ability to make choices in situations and guide the story in the direction you want. In this post, I would recommend the game Fictif: Choose Your Own Story. Please give this post a 5-star rating if you enjoyed it!


Playing the Game

Choose Your Own Adventure in Fictif provides easy-to-understand role-playing gameplay. In the novels, you will take on the role of the main character. You’ll talk to other characters, flirt with them, and do something with them. That’s fascinating, isn’t it? Bear in mind, though, that your choices will have an effect on future events.

This is a characteristic of the visual novel genre, which relies on it to guide the plot to the desired conclusion.


Find Out About Fascinating Stories

TWO AGAINST THE Universe, LAST LEGACY, ROADKILL, and HEIR TO LOVE & LIES are the four stories currently available in Fictif: Choose Your Own Novel. The number of stories is too limited, according to some player feedback. However, based on the experiences of those who have been through it, I’ve discovered that each story takes a long time to play, and it can take even longer if you want to learn more about the material.

You should also expect new stories from the creator in the near future. HEIR TO LOVE & LIES seems to have a horror aspect in the four stories above. A soul appears in the first teaser, attempting to inform you that the protagonist girl has been murdered. It was her grandmother, in fact. The child – her granddaughter – inherited more than 16 million dollars after she died.



People around her have always wanted a piece of her, and one of them is most definitely the murderer. You must figure out who that person is with the aid of her grandmother in order for her grandmother’s soul to pass away. ROADKILL chronicles your cross-country trip with three other friends. Strange incidents, however, occurred, leaving everyone afraid. It seemed that a killer was attempting to track you down. What would you and your fellow survivors do to stay alive and return home?

TWO AGAINST THE WORLD is set in the 1920s, during the Gatsby period. It’s a gangster-themed romantic adventure. He gives you the love you’ve always needed. When his history is gradually exposed, will you accept or deny his love? The LAST LEGACY is the final tale. You’re the most well-known cosplayer. During a festival, you happen across a purple crystal and become engrossed in a dream world.

There are many hazards in this country. You’ll need to enlist the help of mages and knights, as well as use your magic to combat the evil powers. Will you be able to complete the task and return home safely?


A cast of characters

Fiction: Choose Your Own Story has a wide range of line characters. More than 20 different people are available to talk with and connect with. Each of them has a unique personality and appearance. When you spend more time with them, you’ll note that each person’s inner workings have deepened. It is because of this that the game is one of the most common in this category.


Certain characteristics

Fiction: Choose Your Own Adventure allows you to save your game progress. As a result, you can switch between devices without losing data.

To archive, simply go to the settings and choose Google or Facebook as your login method. Players are also rewarded with stars in the game, which encourages them to play. You can get one star a day for free, or you can get one more star by viewing each ad. The Premium Choices are chosen using these stars.




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Fiction: Pick Your Own Story MOD APK for Android is available to Download

The visual novel genre, as well as the Fictif: Choose Your Own Story material, are not new. Fresh, imaginative, and profound stories are still common in the game. You can now write your own script, choose what happens, and meet the people you want to meet.