Unlimited Coins Lumbercraft MOD APK

Lumbercraft MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) gives you the experience of working as a woodcutter and constructing a forest town. Lumbercraft is an arcade game with intriguing gameplay and simple polygon graphics. The user must build a village and defend it against waves of attacking enemies in this game. We need to build a home for the main character first, but then we can begin to equip the area with new structures. A sawmill, a store, and a hospital are among the structures; each structure can be upgraded to make life easier for the characters. Periodically, attacks will be launched against the settlement, which you must repel while also generating resources for further growth.




Introduce yourself to Lumbercrafting

On Android, VOODOO is one of the most influential game publishers. Their products feature unique gameplay and concepts. At the same time, it’s simple to learn and fun to play, which may explain why VOODOO is so popular. Lumbercraft was recently published by them.

Despite the fact that it was not heavily promoted or advertised, the game has millions of downloads on Google Play. Lumbercraft’s gameplay and features will be explained in this article. If you’re interested, please follow the instructions and install the original APK or MOD APK files on your device.


Cut Down Trees and Start Constructing your Town

The first thing you must do when you begin the game is to construct a town. Create the clinic, forge, exchange shop, and woodworking workshop as your first structures. Any structure is vital to the community. A health clinic, for example, may sell health rehabilitation bottles.

You can improve the strength of your weapons, armor, or buildings in the upgrading zone. Even if you’re not online, the lumber mill will fabricate the wood for you. This is a passive timber production location, which means you can harvest at any time. Lumbercraft‘s only resource is wood. It’s used to build structures and trade them for coins. Wood is not available when the game is first played.

You must go around town felling trees and collecting them. If you don’t think cutting wood is a waste of time, it’s time to upgrade your workshop. The harvesting of timber is done automatically.


Take on Beasts

Lumbercraft is more than just a game about gathering wood and constructing structures for the town. To keep your town safe, you must also battle monsters. Lumbercraft is divided into two areas. The first is your hometown – where you were born and raised.

The Zone, on the other hand, is a dangerous area filled with monsters. To keep destroying them, you’ll have to enter the Zone on a regular basis. Otherwise, they’ll attack the town and cause mayhem. Weapons are available to your character. He can automatically attack monsters as you approach them. You can pass through one Zone and unlock the gate leading to the next Zone once the entire wave of monsters has been destroyed. As a result, the difficulty level rises.

Monsters are becoming more varied. They should improve their strength and speed. To avoid injuries, you must master the skills to control both attacks and dodge. It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to return to town to buy potions while fighting. If you die, you will lose all of your timber resources and have to restart the Zone.


Upgrade your Character’s Abilities

Upgrades allow the character to grow in strength and endurance. The character is equipped with an ax, a shield, or armor by default. You have the option to replace them. Shields and axes that have been upgraded will have a different appearance. When the character attacks an opponent, they even have rays of light around them.


Construct Defensive Towers

In fact, you cannot win if you fight alone, no matter how powerful you are. As a result, the first thing you should do when you enter the Zone is to build defensive towers. If there isn’t enough wood for this structure, move around to cut and gather wood. Before the monsters appear, you have about 10 seconds to build the tower. There are two types of tower defense: arrow and cannon. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The cannon deals more damage, but it can only hit enemies within a short distance. Archers have a longer range but are weaker. You can upgrade towers in town to improve these qualities.




Lumbercraft MOD APK is a Modified Version of the Game

Features of MOD


  • Coins indefinitely
  • There are no advertisements.


What is the purpose of the MOD version?

Lumbercraft’s primary currency is coins. There are only two ways to get more coins. The first is to go to the shop and exchange timber for coins. Fighting monsters and collecting the money they drop is the second option. However, it is a small number. As a result, we developed this MOD APK version to give you unlimited money. You can use them to improve your characters, buy health potions, and strengthen defensive towers.


For Android, get the Lumbercraft MOD APK

Lumbercraft, like VOODOO’s previous games, has a straightforward, enjoyable, and addictive gameplay. The first time I did it, I played for two hours straight and didn’t want to put the phone down. It’s likely that you will as well. Now is the time to download the game for fun!