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To completely immerse yourself in the game’s science fiction narrative, download Antarctica 88 MOD APK (Unlocked All). Try your hand at one of the best horror games available. This terrifying game will transport you to the ice of Antarctica, where you will immerse yourself in a terrifying sci-fi tale filled with monsters, weapons, and adventures. Are you prepared to face the dreadful creatures that lurk in Antarctica? Are you capable of saving both yourself and humanity? The game takes place on the “Antarctica 1” station. Your father Vladimir Efimov expedition has been drilling ice and studying ancient minerals found in it for the past six months.



Introduction to Antarctica

Euphoria has released Antarctica 88 for Android devices, following the success of Death Park. You’ll be lost in a science fiction tale of terrifying creatures once more. When you’re stranded in frigid Antarctica, surrounded by threats, and arms and food are in short supply. Will you be able to make it back home?


The plot

The first scene of Antarctica 88 takes place at a station in Antarctica, which serves as the expedition’s base of operations.

An exploration team, which included your father, Vladimir Efimov, has been drilling the ice for the past six months. The study was going swimmingly, and they found a plethora of valuable minerals dating back to ancient times. However, they started to lose contact six weeks ago. Since then, no one has heard anything about the Antarctic expedition. You join the three members of the rescue team and set foot on the South Pole to find out what happened, determined to find and get his father back.


Playing the Game

Antarctica 88 is a survival horror game with a twist. You’re out exploring in a wide-open area. Despite the lack of a clear mission, there are several puzzles to solve in order to discover the bad story that just occurred. You must search for and obtain objects that the game needs in the process. A medical item, a knife, or a key to open a locked door are all examples.



With your dad, try to survive and escape this terrifying place. You awaken in a small cave with narrow nooks and crannies at the start of the game. You will pick up a variety of things such as weapons, bullets, and grenades when trying to find your way out of the cave. It’s not easy to getaway. Like a labyrinth, the cave is structured with several complicated nooks and crannies.

The road is dangerous, and some sections require you to leap. The escape is often very small and situated high up. To find a way out, you must communicate with and use nearby objects. You will experience a variety of open environments. From claustrophobic caves to deserted houses devoid of inhabitants, the plains are shrouded in darkness. Suggestions are often found in abandoned homes. It’s possible that you don’t understand what those things are for.

But you should pick it up and put it in your inventory because you never know when you would need it.


There are several Storey

There is no set end date for Antarctica 88. The final outcome is influenced by the players’ behavior and decisions. You never expect your dad, whom you have always adored, to be a serial killer.

You’ll have to choose between saving the person who gave birth to you and killing him to save the lives of the others. Nobody wants to find themselves in such a precarious situation. As a result, you must consider your options carefully before making a decision!


Find a Way to Get Out

Antarctica 88 isn’t all frightening because of its environment. When you try to solve the puzzles that the developers have included, you get a headache. According to some reviewers, the hardcode of the puzzles in Antarctica 88 is the game’s highlight. What happened to the previous expedition’s unexplained disappearance? Did the members of the rescue team eventually lose touch as well? Do you dare to delve deeper into this barren wasteland in search of an answer?



Fight to stay alive

Even being trapped in a labyrinth isn’t the most terrifying experience. You must be psychologically prepared to face hostile monsters any time you change paths. There are several strangely shaped creatures in the film, such as a large scorpion or cannibal flowers. They become more violent as the weather becomes more serious and they become more hungry. As a result, never be arbitrary when playing Antarctica 88. Since there are already a lot of monsters outside when you get out of the labyrinth.


Arms and vehicles

Fighting monsters with your bare hands would not allow you to survive or defeat them. So, along the way, gather guns to face the threats. Aside from the standard weaponry, Antarctica 88 also allows you to traverse the ice with vehicles such as sleds. Vehicles are extremely useful; they not only help you drive faster, but they also serve as excellent defensive armor, shielding you from damage.




Antarctica 88 MOD APK is a modified version of the Game

Features of MOD


  • Levels that have been unlocked
  • Weapons that have been unlocked
  • Things that haven’t been unlocked
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Join Antarctica 88, where you can sense the protagonist’s fear in every breath and step. Try your hardest to survive in a dark, secret, and deathly place in Antarctica by downloading the MOD APK version of this game!