Most populer Human: Fall Flat APK 1.5

Human: Fall Flat APK is a very enjoyable puzzle game from 505 Games. The Android version of a game that was previously only available on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 has now been officially released. Get Human: Fall Flat for free, without registration, virus, or lag! Here is the connection to the installation guide: How to download, run, and troubleshoot an APK.



Fall Flat is for Human Beings

When it first came out in 2016, this game quickly drew in a large number of players from all over the world, especially well-known YouTubers like Pewdiepie. In this game, your goal is to guide Bob from point A to point B. It will appear easy at first, but you will find it difficult from the start.

Solve jigsaw puzzles in a sloppy manner

Human: Fall Flat is essentially a puzzle game with incredibly fascinating physical rules. Your goal is to lead Bob from the starting place to the hidden portal without meeting any enemies or terrifying monsters. The game introduces you to a whole new way of thinking. Instead of mysterious stories or complicated puzzles, this game needs you to respond to simple requests in a sloppy and endearing manner.

The protagonist has a human body, but he walks shakily as if he’s intoxicated. Since the way you move is awkward and humorous, mastering it is the first and most important thing you can learn while playing this game. In this game, there are no suggestions or rules, so you can do whatever you want. Your ultimate objective is to traverse the region in search of the hidden gate, which will unlock new maps. Characters in the game have hands that are identical to Spiderman’s, allowing them to stick to a variety of surfaces.

It can be used to ascend to higher levels or to pass objects around.


A Science Puzzle-Platformer with a Sense of Humour

Each map is divided into several small areas with small topics and is based on a particular theme. The game’s artifacts are disorganized and serve no purpose. You must learn and explore how to apply them in order to succeed.



Your main objective is to get from point A to point B, but there are many fun things to discover along the way. You can be trapped in a room with nothing but a wooden crate on occasion. It can be used to break doors or as a ladder to climb up walls. The curious thing is that there are several different ways to solve puzzles, and they are not all based on the same pattern. A puzzle can be solved in a number of ways, depending on the player’s imagination.


Co-op mode for four players

Playing alone is enjoyable; however, playing with friends is even more enjoyable. A game can have up to four players in it. In Human: Fall Flat’s co-op mode, you can play with your friends to solve puzzles. I often get the feeling that puzzles are built for a wide group of people rather than a single player. With a large group, you’ll come up with a lot of new ideas that you hadn’t considered before. If I succeed or fail, spending the weekend with my friends on this exciting adventure is enough for me.


Characters can be customized

Human: Fall Flat gives you a lot of options for the character’s appearance. Cartoon characters, superheroes, or other fun shapes could be used. It’s possible to turn Bob into a pirate, Santa Clause, or Ben 10. Despite the abundance of amusing costumes, it appears that few players are enthusiastic about this feature. Costumes only add a little spice to the game by providing a new visual experience, but they have no impact on gameplay or provide you with special abilities.



Three-dimensional Graphics that are abstract

Human: Fall Flat’s 3D graphics are basic and abstract, like an unfinished puzzle. It’s worth noting that the physical rules are amazing and unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a game. “The universe can be interactive, but physics rules are tangible.” That is the premise of the game. The GUI is also very straightforward, with a joystick and two virtual keys for controlling the characters’ hands. Bob runs around like a kid or a drunk. It’s tough to keep him standing when you have to cling to the wall. This can be annoying, but it can also make you laugh out loud.


Human: Fall Flat APK + OBB Installation

1. Human: Fall Flat APK and OBB files can be downloaded from the link given below this post.
2.” should be unzipped.
3.  Copy the “com.and.games505.humanfallflat” folder to the “Android/OBB” folder.
4.  Download and instal an APK file.




APK of Human: Fall Flat for Android is Available for Download

Overall, Human: Fall Flat is the most original puzzle game I’ve ever experienced. The amount of relaxation that this game provides is limitless. You can play it with your friends on weekends or during the holidays. Together, solve the game’s puzzle and assist Bob in realizing his dream. Know, the keys to winning this game are exploration and innovation!