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Black Desert Mobile’s History

As we all know, the most awaited mobile edition of Black Desert – Black Desert Mobile – was released in Korea earlier this year. The game’s impact is expected to extend to the international market this year, which is even more exciting. 2018 will be remembered as the year of unique graphics and gameplay in video games. This is also the year that several PC games, such as Tera, Blade & Soul, and the most recent Black Desert Online, are being ported to mobile platforms.

Black Desert Online is one of the most visually stunning PC MMORPGs. So when Pearl Abyss, a Korean publisher, announced on the mobile platform with a trailer that shows graphics on par with, if not more stunning than, the PC, gamers couldn’t sit still. Developer Pearl Abyss revealed some information about Black Desert Mobile () at the Gamescom 2017 event in August.

The game is expected to debut in Korea in January 2018, and pre-registration has already begun. Black Desert Mobile isn’t just a scaled-down version of the original game. It’s a totally different gaming style as well as an entirely new experience.

A Storey
The Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia are at odds in Black Desert Mobile, which tells the tale of their war. Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos, and Mediah, the four main regions, were previously quiet. The black plague was introduced by traders from Valencia, and millions of people died as a result.



Valencia is widely acknowledged as the root of all evil. Calpheon formed a coalition and embarked on a 30-year campaign.


Playing the Game

Players will be transformed into one of five key classes when playing the game: Valkyrie, Witch, Ranger, Warrior, and Giant. These characters have a lot of speech, which makes it easy for players to figure out what each character’s attribute is.

The gameplay of Black Desert Mobile is distinct, and it is this aspect that allows this game to stand out. With a non-goal system similar to the PC version, combined with a range of special skills that enable the player to target the target (like Blade and Soul), as well as jumping and dodging, can deliver furious battlefields at a breakneck speed rarely seen in other mobile game products.

Players in Black Desert Mobile have access to a total of eight skill cells. Since the number of skills exceeds the number of cells available, the player must choose his or her desired skill and position it in the cells. Players can jog or ride horses in the game, which is identical to the PC version.


A Cast Of Characters

Titan, Huntress, Paladin, Knight, and the newest character class, Hashashin, were all introduced in Black Desert Mobile. Each character class has its own set of benefits and weapons. They gain their own advantages in the war as a result of this. Some weapons are designed for strength, while others are designed for speed and can strike enemies from afar.

The plot and gameplay haven’t changed all that much since the original, but each character class has unique equipment, firearms, fighting abilities, and special missions. In addition, Black Desert Mobile allows you to fully customize your character. You can alter anything from height, body composition, and hairstyle to eye type, skin tone, brow length, and more.


Construct your Camp

You should relax and have some fun in your own camp in addition to battling enemies. There, you can develop your skills, build structures, and assist the staff in expanding and upgrading the camp more rapidly.




Hunting for Managers

One of the most common activities in Black Desert Mobile is boss hunting. Bosses often spawn in unique places in the world, and players will congregate there throughout the time the Boss spawns in the hopes of killing it. If you kill the Boss, you will earn valuable rewards that he will drop. Kzarka is one of the most powerful Bosses in the game. He is referred to as the “Lord of Corruption” (Lord of Corruption). He’ll take advantage of any opportunity to ruin the planet. You’re here to kill Kzarka, so don’t let him get close to his target.



The game also uses Engine technology, which has been successfully extended beyond the standards on the Black Desert PC version. Black Desert Mobile has a fantastic graphics platform due to as much optimization as possible. Not only that, but this MMORPG is also adding content specifically for the mobile platform, so players can anticipate a totally fresh and unexpected experience.

You’ll notice that each character’s form and movement are incredibly versatile and beautiful, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. Black Desert Mobile is expected to become the strongest mobile game ever on the mobile platform in the near future.




APK of Black Desert Mobile for Android is available for Download

Open Field PvE, Invasion War, Guild Boss, Labyrinth of Ancients, World Boss, Defeat the Mission, and PvP are the seven main activities in Black Desert Mobile (). The game will be released in Korea on both iOS and Android platforms shortly, followed by a global release.

When the game is officially released, both iOS and Android versions will be available for download.