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Join the global MMORPG community by downloading Blade & Soul Revolution. When it comes to battling monsters, this RPG with a deep storyline can provide you with a fantastic experience.



On Your Phone, Play a Famous Korean MMO

Blade & Soul Revolution is the smartphone video game adaptation of Blade & Soul, a popular Korean fantasy martial-arts role-playing game. Blade & Soul, a free-to-play MMORPG created by NCSOFT, had become a popular MMORPG title in Korea and eventually made its way to the West. In 2014, it also spawned a short anime series.

The core plot of this story, set in a beautifully-crafted world reminiscent of Chinese culture, is about your rise to avenge your beloved Master and fellow classmates, who were slaughtered by a wicked villainess who raided your peaceful school. This massively multiplayer online role-playing game features open-world exploration and in-depth character development.


Blade & Soul Revolution is a game that takes place in the world of Blade & Soul

Korea is renowned for developing high-quality graphics RPGs and MMORPGs. The game Blade & Soul Revolution is evidence of this. It has been available in Korea since 2018, but the global edition of the game will not be available until 2020. However, some countries are limited, so they are unable to participate in such an exciting game. In these instances, the best way is to download and install the game’s APK file from our website. A summary of Blade & Soul Revolution is given in the following article. Before you decide to download, you may consult.


The plot


The confrontation between the evil goddess Jinsoyun and the magical sword is central to Blade & Soul Revolution’s plot. She’s been looking for the Twilight Sword for a long time, as part of a plot to rule the world. Since discovering the true power of the sword, all greedy humans have yearned for it, resulting in anarchy. You, too, are a part of them. Your quest for the magical sword has only just started, as have your world adventures.


Playing the Game

The gameplay in most Korean MMORPGs is geared toward a specific goal. The same can be said for Blade & Soul Revolution. When you play this game, you get to select which character you want to play as, then embark on a journey to explore the world and complete quests with the NPCs you’ve been given. The NPC system in Blade & Soul Revolution is extensive.




As a guide, they are in charge of leading you to various locations around the world, as well as fierce fights with monsters. You grow your strength and abilities as a result of this process, and you won’t be held back by the game’s difficulty. The story gradually unfolds, revealing new information but also a slew of threats. Aside from that, you must also master the art of making combos.

Instead of using each ability individually, the game’s skill system is very diverse; they are meticulously crafted, and you must combine them to make high-damage and powerful combos. The Regular Dungeon will be unlocked once your character reaches level 30.

You’ll play a copy of the game with hundreds of monsters and a powerful Boss. However, since the game’s entire complexity can be explored, the difficulty is only level 40. Blade & Soul Revolution at the time offered you a three-warrior squad for increased power and win rate.


A cast of characters

There’s a lot to tell about Blade & Soul Revolution‘s character system. They are meticulously crafted and have a significant impact on the gameplay and overall storyline.

They are divided into classes, and the developer has introduced a new class named Blade Dancer in the latest update. Each class has unique strengths, abilities, and assets, resulting in a more varied game trend. Following that, each character class has its own set of fighting skills, both active and passive.

They are often inaccessible when you first start playing, but NPCs can unlock them at various points. Last but not least, the equipment setup. To boost the character’s skills, you can equip him with costumes and guns. They provide stats for defense, health, and harm. They can all be improved.


There are a lot of Fun Events for Gamers

In an MMORPG game like Blade & Soul Revolution, the first activity that gamers are involved in is Boss hunting. That’s right, at certain times of the year, Boss can appear at specific locations. Killing the boss will reward the player with accumulation points and highly valuable items.

However, there is a lot of rivalries here. And it is not only your dream, but it is also the goal of the other teams. In addition, Blade & Soul Revolution is updated on a daily basis with new events, activities, and challenges for players to enjoy. Naturally, the rewards are small and one-of-a-kind. It’s an event you won’t want to skip!


APK of Blade & Soul Revolution for Android is available for download

While Blade & Soul Revolution has not yet been published in all countries, you will have the opportunity to enter the game’s world if you download it from our website. Are you ready to embark on a long journey to discover the world?