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Game of Thrones

Conquest™ APK


Did you see the film Game of Thrones? A long film that I love, which is so attractive and famous. The plot is incredibly beautiful, and the characters are sexy and beautiful. Dragons, comedies, and hot scenes also exist.



Game of Thrones is a fantasy film that is seen on HBO and is highly fictional. Game of Thrones is also the most successful 2015-2016 film, winning several Primetime Emmy Awards, more than any film in the world.

The film is a chronicle of violent conflicts between dynasties and aristocratic families battling for the throne, with respect to the battle for the legendary Westeros of the 7 clans, while one sets up another struggle for freedom and supremacy from the Iron Throne. The White Walkers, the devil who has a very long nap, are now awake in the north pole.



Game of Thrones: Conquest TM will take you to the realm of kingship, which is embroiled in wars between the forces, in the category of strategy and building, everybody wants the highest rank belonging to themselves and gets the Iron Throne.

You will be turned into a talented general, with the task of winning seven kingdoms, battling for the Iron Throne, and to do that, you need to create your own empire, reinforce and train the army to counter all enemies’ attacks.

With the aid of Daenerys Targaryen, you will start the game. She is the only daughter and the youngest son of King Aerys II Targaryen, “Mad King” and his wife, Rhaella. Her father died before she was born, in the days of the King’s Landing Sack. King’s Landing, in her words, is the land where all Westeros can be conquered and this is where you can’t slip into the hands of anyone. This is one of the last two of your objectives: King’s Landing and Iron Throne.