Hopeless Raider-Zombie Shooting Games Mod for Android + 2.4.3 Apk


Hopeless Raider :

The mutation of a virus has spread to the entire planet. The Female Agents of Country X were directed to investigate the origins of the crisis in order to curb this catastrophe. Around the same time, a veteran mercenary in the whirlpool of a mutated incident is battling zombies that have already mutated.

His happy family and peaceful life were shattered by the catastrophe. He wants vengeance and he needs to find the cause of the tragedy and then kill it! The assumption of all this is to make sure they will survive. The two collaborate and open up an incredible adventure for the shared aim.

This town’s inhabitants have all transformed into zombies. Don’t be compassionate, otherwise they will eventually infect you. Equipped with the most modern weapons, arming yourself, there is no proven law of survival here. The premise is survival, and the rule is power. Bullet up, aim at the target, pull the trigger, and demonstrate your frustration to the leader behind the scenes with your sniper-like shooting feeling of this mutating scenario.